US Federal Judge Issued Nationwide Stop to Biden-CMS Forced Vaccination of Healthcare Workers Until Case is Decided – Nov. 30, 2021

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A US Federal judge has ordered a nationwide halt of forced vaccination of healthcare workers, until the lawsuit filed by Louisiana, Montana, Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio is decided. (Louisiana et al. v. Xavier Becerra (Biden HHS Sec.) This follows a November 29, 2021 injunction, in conjunction with a lawsuit filed by Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Wyoming, Alaska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and New Hampshire. The Biden CMS mandate impacts healthcare providers who serve the elderly (Medicare) and the poor (Medicaid). Chiquita Brooks-LaSure is the Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Remember that the Covid-19 vaccines are unapproved, have known serious side-effects, as well as unknown ones. The vaccinated are apparently more likely to be silent carriers. This mandate is illegal on several grounds, including that no Covid-19 vaccine, available within the US, has been…

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OMICRON: A Perfectly Timed Variant to Scare the Unruly Back into Submission

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The Organic Prepper By Daisy Luther ? All around the world, people are getting fed up with draconian measures undertaken in the name of public safety. Although we’re not hearing much about it in the news here in the United States, hundreds of thousands of people – perhaps even millions…

OMICRON: A Perfectly Timed Variant to Scare the Unruly Back into Submission

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OMICRON Points to Minions of Fauci, US CDC, Gates, Wellcome-British Intel, Rockefeller in South Africa

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OMICRON Points to the Minions of Fauci, US CDC, Gates, Wellcome-British Intel, Rockefeller in South Africa and much more.

Botswana, Omicron and the Fully Vaccinated

According to Botswana, four fully vaccinated foreign diplomats entered the country on November 7th, 2021 and tested positive for Covid-19 on November 11th, as they were leaving. The WHO says Omicron was found in South Africa on November 9th. While the two news releases from Botswana make clear that all four cases were vaccinated, this is being spun as reason for more (forced) vaccination. In September and October in Ireland, 46% of those admitted to ICU (Intensive Care Units) were vaccinated, according to the Irish government. Over 90% of Ireland is vaccinated. So, not only do the Covid vaccines fail to protect against Covid, but vaccinated people are getting serious enough infections to be in Intensive Care. The Government of Botswana is…

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“And he opened the pit of the abyss” The Apocalypse Seems to Reveal That Not All The Evil Spirits are Chained Down in The Lower Hell

“The bottomless abyss may be the boundless void outside the universe, “the darkness outside”, and it may release its prisoners and permit them to enter God’s creation again when He so decrees”

The Apocalypse seems to reveal that not all the evil spirits are chained down in the lower hell, or “pool of fire”. Satan himself will not be cast into it until after the condemnation of Gog and Magog (XX 9) Before that time he is bound with great chains and consigned to the bottomless abyss (XX)

So this “bottomless abyss” is some other place of imprisonment for the evil spirits, whilst the pool of fire is the final destiny of all wickedness.

The “fallen star” … seen by St. John falling to the earth in the Apocalyse opened the shaft leading down into the bottomless pit. The fallen star , an apostate priest or Bishop , received a key according to the vision of St. John. It was the direct opposite of St. Peter’s keys. The recipient, priest or Bishop, of the key to the abyss spread his errors throughout the Church and the world. The priesthood is vested with the power to suppress the satanic. When abused it serves to propagate evil. Art by Pat M fair use disclaimer

The Fifth Trumpet: Chapter IX Verse 2l”And he opened the pit of the abyss” The abyss is not the “pool of fire” of the nineteenth and twentieth chapters. The bottomless abyss may be the boundless void outside the universe, “the darkness outside”, and it may release its prisoners and permit them to enter God’s creation again when He so decrees.

The fallen star, the figure for an apostate priest or Bishop, opened the pit leading down to the bottomless pit. This is an allegorical figure for some action of the apostate by which he propatates his errors and turns loose the forces of evil onto the earth.

These evil spirits had probably been bound by the Church during the preceding ages. Legions of evil spirits had been driven out of possessed persons and out of the world by the power of the priesthood, the spread of truth and the administration of the sacraments.

They are now released and permitted to work towards the re-establishment of paganism.

St. John sees smoke coming out of the pit and rising into the sky. It blotted out the sun.

The obscuration of the sun and sky betokens the darkening of the authority of the Church, and, lowering mens’ respect for her. It signifies the success of the errors or heresies to such a degree as to bring darkness to men’s minds.

From The Book of Destiny : Father Herman Bernard Kramer

St. John Sees, in His Apocalyptic Visions, a Star Fall From Heaven To the Earth

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“And the fifth angel sounded the trumpet, and I saw a star which had fallen from heaven to the earth. And there was given to him the key to the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit, and there went up from the pit a smoke like that of a great furnace; and the sun was darkened, and the air, by reason of the smoke of the pit.” Revelations: John 9

Father Herman Bernard Kramer: “This star, as the others, is an apostate priest or Bishop. He does not light up the earth where he has fallen. His falling forebodes calamity and woe to the earth. forin prophetic symbolism falling stars are harbingers of grief and disaster. It is the first woe predicted by the eagle.

A key was given the fallen star. The aorist tense of language employed here leaves some doubt as to whether St. John saw the act of handing the key to the star, or whether it was in his possession at the beginning of the scene.

Because the key was “given” him, the star can use it only by divine permission. There is but one key to the shaft of the abyss indicated by the definite article, and therefore this star alone is able to open it.

This key alludes to other keys. Our Lord promised Peter: “I will give to thee the keys to the kingdom of heaven .” The keys promised to Peter for his fearless profession of faith in the divinity of Christ were the emblem of supreme power and authority over the Church. They convey possession of the whole of divine revelation and of the perpetual privilege of being divinely guided to make unwavering and infallible decisions in matters of faith.

In the significance of the key given to the fallen star, we have the antithesis of what was promised Peter.

The star is an apostate Bishop or priest. The key to the shaft of the abyss is an emblem of rebellion, as the keys promised Peter are an emblem of submission to Christ; it leagues the star with the rebellious angels.

This key of the pit is then also an emblem of error, as Peters keys are an emblem of truth.

As God revealed the truth to Peter enabling him to make a clear declaration of it, so the “king of the bottomless abyss” was filled with pride, hatred, and, comcupiscence.

The keys of Peter conveyed to him supreme authority over the Church of Christ. They gave him the power to bring the light of heaven down to earth.

The apostate priest or Bishop has received his key from God. That is to say, the powers of his priesthood, perverted by the rebellion of his wil, enable him to open the pit.

Were he a layman, he would not have this power.

The priesthood is vested with the power tosuppress and subject the satanic forces, but when abused, it serves to foster and propagate evil and to open the abyss and envelop the earth in darkness.

This fallen star used his power to seduce, enslave and precipitate into damnation vast numbers of souls. The fallen star is clearly the leader of some revolt against the Church. He is the father or shepherd of apostates , from or of, rebels against the Church.

The followers of Peter give him due submission in virtue of his appointment and hail him as the Rock of the Church.

And the followers of the star will follow him and accept his doctrines of error.

The possessor of the key of the pit then is the head of satan’s church, as Peter is the head of Christ’s Church.

But since the key of the pit symbolizes unbelief and rebellion, whilst the keys of Peter symbolize faith, submission and obedience, the followers of the star will go their own ways and repudiate any authority that Peter may want to exercise over them.”

The Book of Destiny: Reverend Herman Bernard Kramer 214-215

Notes on the Apocalypse as A Book

The genuineness of the authorship of the Apocalypse is solidly established from both the internal and external evidence.  St.  Justin quotes it (Dial 81) and according to Eusebius attributes it to St. John. Irenaeus writes a comentary on it and ascribes the book to St. John the Apostle …

St. John presents Antichrist in a two fold role … personal and political.  His idea of Antichrist is exactly that of St. Paul.  He is not an impersonal power but a man!

It is an inspired book because the Church has spoken infallibly, has placed this book on Canon, and proclaimed its’ inspiration.  It is no longer an open question.imgres.jpgSt. John draws imagery from all parts of creation.  The heavens lend a touch of sublimity to many truths revealed.  The sun enraps the woman, the moon serves as her pedestal and stars circle her head for a crown.


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Archbishop Vigano Calls for Founding of Anti Globalist Alliance

“Hear The Voice of One Crying Out in the Wilderness:” Jonh 1:23

Archbishop Carlos Maria Vigano has made a heartfelt call to arms of the good leaders, across the globe, to gather and form an alliance to put down the Powerful Political leaders, the Wealthiest Men on Earth, and those Turncoat Members of the Medical Establishment … who are seeking to enslave and devour all of us who live on the earth !! For Gods’ sake hear him !!

View his Video addressed to all who are of good will at Catholic Family News. Thank you, Your Grace! A Thousand Thank Yous to you.


Bayside Prophecies and Prayer

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“Without My Son you are lost. A Godless nation shall fall. A nation that has been eaten away and rotted by sin shall fall. A nation that has turned itself back and regressed to a state of animal living bordering on all sins of the flesh and impurity, given over to the manner of seeking things of the world: power, lust, envy, hate, murders, abortions, worship of false idols; loving money, power and lacking, the instinct of survival when survival can only be reached by pleading for them to the merciful heart of the Eternal Father. ’’ June 13, 1981


May 30, 1977…Jesus with the Immaculate Mother “You and the world’s peoples will experience very soon the start of the great sorrows upon mankind. If you have listened to the direction and counsel of My Mother, you have prepared your household…

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