The Birth of Lincoln Full Legal Tender Money

The money kings wanted 24% to 36 % interest for loans to our government to conduct the Civil War.


Lincoln and his Secretary had applied to them (the bankers or money lenders of New York) for loans tp carry on the war. The money lenders asked for 24% to 36% interest. The President and his Secretary were outraged. The money lenders replied. “If the government doesn’t want the money at this figure we can loan it to the Southern Confederacy.”

The President was greatly disturbed. At this rate, he couldn’t even pay his soldiers.

During Lincoln’s worrying about this matter, he recalled that he had a friend. Colonel Dick Taylor in Chicago, in whom he had great confidence. So he sent for him, and when Taylor arrived they sat down to talk.

Lincoln poured out his worries to his friend.

Why Lincoln, Taylor said: “that is easy. Just get Congress to pass a bill authorizing the printing of full legal tender treasury notes or greenbacks, and pay your soldiers with them. God ahead and win your war with them, too.”

“Do you suppose the people will take them, Lincoln asked.

And to this Taylor replied:

“The people or anyone else will not have any choice in the matter, if you make them full legal tender. They will have the full legal sanction of the government and be just as good as any money; congress is given that express right by the constitution; and the stamp of full legal tender by the government is the thing that makes money good anytime, and this will be as good as any other money inside the borders of our country”

And so it is written that that very thing was done; the soldiers were paid and some sixty million dollars of the full legal tender greenbacks were issued. All were taken at par and never appreciably fell below par at any time, as they were full legal tender for all debts both public and private.

The integrity and the resources of the entire nation guaranteed their value.

President Lincoln was very appreciative of this nelp, and wrote a letter to the New Hork Tribune on December 6, 1891:

“My Dear Colonel Dick,

I have long determined to make public the origin of the greenback and tell the world that it is Dick Taylor’s creation.You had always been friendly to me and when troublesome times fell upon us, and my shoulders , though broad and willing, were weak, and myself surrounded by such circumstances and such people, that I knew not whom to trust. Then I said in my extremity: ‘ I will send for Colonel Taylor. He will know what to do.I think it was January 1862 about the 16th, that I did so; you came, and I said to you::”What can we do?’ Said you, ‘Why issue notes bearing no interest, printed on the best banking paper. Issue enough to pay the Army expenses and declare it legal tender.

I first thought it a hazardous thing, but it was finally accomplished it and gave the people of this republic THE BEST BLESSING THEY EVER HAD … their own paper money to pay their own debts.

It is due you, the father of the present greenback that this people should know it, and I take great pleasure in making it known. How many times I have laughed at you telling me that I was too lazy to be anything but a lawyer.

Yours truly, Lincoln

But the wonderful condition spoken of by Mr. Lincoln was not to continue. Our glorious country was not to have the continuous blessing of a paper money to pay its debts with.

As soon as Lincoln began to issue perfectly good full legal tender greenbacks, good as gold anywhere in the country, the bankers and money changers saw that unless they could stop that sort of thing they were ‘sunk’ as far as ever being able to issue their interest bearing money again.

The following editorial in the London Times … just when Lincolns greenback were working alright and paying debts as good as gold …

“If this mischievous financial policy which has had its origin in the North American Republics during the late civil war should become endurated down to a fixture, then the Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debts. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the world. The brains and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.” from ‘Who Rules America’ by C.K. Howe

It is recorded that four days after the passage of the Legal Tender Greenback Law, there was held in Washington D.C. , a “Bankers Conventon” where bankers from New York, Boston, and, Philadelphia were present. One can well imaginer their activity was directed to obtaining the help and assistance of certain Senators and Representatives to get that legal tender money law crippled or repealed, and another private banking monopoly established.

On April 15, 1865 Lincoln was shot and killed.

On November 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy was shot a killed. He issued legal tender Kennedy Dollars and coined beautiful silver Kennedy half dollars.

The Constitution, Section 8, states that Congress has the right to coin money and to regulate its’ value.

From the Book: ‘Lincoln Money Martyred’ by Doctor R.E. Search (1935)

Ending The Day in Hope Harbour

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Harbour of Hope

Summers warm colors and changing of light

Stars to open the curtains of night

Salt on the breeze to my worries give call

And they Soar to the heavens like waves in a squall.

The soft tinkle sounds from up in the spars

And the peeking out of new little stars

And the water slapping against my boat

Renews my heart and brightens my hope.

Cardinnal Ratzinger Admitted Third Secret Not Fully Revealed

Father Ingo Dollinger, a highly respected priest, a friend of Cardinal Ratzinger, (above) and a close friend of of Padre Pio, from whom he received his First Communion, did not believe the Vaticans’ version of the Third Secret.

And so, Father Dollinger arranged to meet with his friend, Cardinal Ratzinger on one of his frequent trips to the Vatican. He planned to find the truth about the Third Secret of Fatima.: He visited Cardinal Ratzinger. He confronted him and did not mince his words.

“This is impossible! This cannot possibly be the Third Secret. Is this the whole thing? Is this the whole thing, or isn’t it? It cannot be; now you tell me! ” He insisted that Cardinal Ratzinger tell him yes or no.

The Cardinal answered: “Truly, that was not all of it.”

He pressed on for an answer:: “What is in the Third Secret if that was not all of it?” Well, what is there?

Ratzinger said that in the Third Secret there will be an evil council. She warned against changes in the liturgy … changes in the Mass. This is explicitly set forth in the Third Secret.

Father Ingo Dollinger is an elderly German priest, professor of theology in Brazil, and a personal friend of former Pope Benedict XVl.

Father Dollinger stated on more than one occasion that Cardinal Ratzinger admitted to him that the full Third Secret is no yet revealed.

The Fatima Crusader reported this on a number of occasions, most pointedly in 2009. This news regarding the Third Secret was recently re-confirmed by Dr. Maike Hickson ( 1 Peter5) on May 15.

Dr. Hickson, who knows Father Dollinger, telephoned the priest on Pentecost Sunday, and he gave her permission to publicly report the following facts:”Not long after the June 2000 publication of the Third Secret of Fatima by the Vatican’ Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger told Father Dollinger during an in person conversation that there is still part of the Third Secret that they have not published!

There is more than what we published, Ratzinger said. He also told Dollinger that the published part of the Secret is authentic and that the unpublished part of the Secret speaks about ‘a bad council and a bad Mass’ that was to come in the near future.”

This statement by Father Dollinger was formerly relatedin the May 2009 issue of The Fatima Crusader by Father Paul Kramer. v

According to Father Kramer’s account, Cardinal Ratzinger revealed to Father Dollinger as far back as the early 1990’s that the Secret warned against a bad Council and against changes in the Mass.

Yet the text published by the Vatican on June 26, 2000 makes no mention of these specific warnings.

Father Kramer explained: “The elderly German priest, Ratzinger’s long-time- personalfriend, took note of the fact that when the vision of the Third Secret was published it did not contain those things, those elements of the Third Secret that Cardinal Ratzinger had revealed to him nearly ten years earlier. The German priest – Father Dollinger – told me that this question was burning in his mind”

Father Dramer continues: “Father Dollinger said to me, “I confronted Cardinal Ratzinger to his face. “How can this be the entire Third Secret? Remember what you told me before?”

Cardinal Ratzinger replied: “Really there is something more there.” (more than what the Vatican revealed)

Father Nicholas Gruner referred to this episode from Father Dollinger on more than one occasion, including a speech published in The Fatima Crusader in Autumn 2009.

Father Alonso, Official archivist of Fatima, who had many conversations with Lucia, states

“It is therefore completely probable that the text makes concrete references to the crisis of faith within the Church and to the negligence of the pastors themselves and the internal struggles in the very bosom of the Church and of grave pastoral negligence of the upper hierarchy”\

And further,

“Does the unpublished text speak of concrete circumstances? It is very possible that it speaks not only of a real crisis of faith the the Church during that in between period (prior to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary), but like the secret of La Salette, there are more concrete references to the internal struggles of the Catholics or to the fall of priests and religious. Perhaps it even refers to the failures of the upper hierarchy”

Cardinal Ratzinger

Cardinal Ratzinger, then Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, gave an interview in Jesus Magazine on November 11, 1998

Cardinal Ciappi

Cardinal Mario Luigi Ciappi, personal papal Theologian to five Popes, writes:v”In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that “the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top”

In her last public interview, before she was silenced by the vatican 1957, she warns that “the devil does everything to overcome souls consecrated to God, because in this way he will succeed in leaving the souls of the faithful abandoned by their leaders.”

The contemplative Carmelite accepted her imposition of silence. She understood it was God’s plan for her. ? haurietis aquas ?

She exhorted those outside of Carmel to battle: “This is a diabolic disorientation invading the world and misleading souls. It is necessary to stand up to it …”

Are these really the words of Sister Lucia? She had seen human bodies lifted up by flames coming from wihin themselves in hell “where the souls of poor sinners go” She had received Communion from an angel. She had seen the “woman clothed with the sun” … the Queen of Heaven clothed in light.

It is difficult to “stand up to it” when one is still under the impression that the sole path which Sister Lucia was to take in this world was to make known the message of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima which was to promote and beg for the “Consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart”

Instead of being able to make known the message, the messenger of God was silenced. Very grave matter !!

Yet, under the rule of silence, a book was written. Letters were written. Pope and Cardinal visited.

The Sister Lucy who wore the round glasses, and, wrote and spoke with the Pope did not have the humble gracious manner of the little seer of Fatima who had seen the light of God “as if seeing ourselves in a mirror” and who experienced the Miracle of the Sun …

How could she stand the imprisonment of a Carmelite life with the Secret still in her heart? The secret that was for us from Our Lady. I don’t believe it was really Lucy dos Santos.

The Council must have been evil! The Church got ‘rocked’. Evil is spreading over the earth because the Bishops of Rome, and the Popes of the last decades have failed to inform the world of the truth, as is their duty as Christs Representatives on earth.

Yes, Communism has reared its ugly head with its forked tongue … spreading its’ demonic way of thinking over the face of the earth … just as Our Lady said it would if Russia were not converted as a result of its’ Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

When this happens, the world will know that the joyful peace, which finally reigns, is a result of this consecration. The world will then honor Our Lady’s Heart next to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Why does God want this? I believe He wants the world to know how much Jesus loved and honored His Mother. Both are represented by the Heart, which is our human symbol of love.

Jesus and Mary had Sacred Hearts … those of a human. We honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He wants us to honor the Sacred Heart of Mary … the Immaculate Heart.

Mary’s heart felt every pain which wracked the Body of her Son on the Cross. What a grace for humanity it was. Jesus wants her to be honored next to Him, making her a Co-Redemptrix.

The True Third Secret of Fatima?

May 1994: Father Raymond Arnette was listening to a CD, Mysterium Fidei, when suddenly the music faded into the background and a clear voice, which he heard quite normally,and not as an interior inspiration, said: ‘L’eglise saignera de toutes ses plaies”, that is “The Church Will Bleed From Her Wounds.” Then followed this text.

“There will be a wicked council planned and prepared that will change the countenance of the Church. Many will lose the faith; confusion will reign everywhere. The sheep will search for the shepherds in vain.

A schism will tear apart the holy tunic of My Son. This will be the end of times, foretold in the Holy Scriptures and recalled to memory by Me in many places. The abomination of abominations will reach its peak and it will bring the chastisement announced at La Salette.

My Son’s arm, which I will not be able to hold back anymore, will punish this poor world, which must expiate its crimes.

One will only speak about wars and revolutions. The elements of nature will be unchained and will cause anguish even among the best. The Church will bleed from all Her wounds. Happy are they who will persevere and search for refuge in My Heart, because in the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

After this message, Father Arnette only heard one more sentence: “This is the Third Secret of Fatima”

Could this be the true Third Secret? It could be. This text has been published and circulated before, for instance, in the book, ‘The Devil’s Final Battle’ Father Paul Kramer

It was also published in a newsletter of then-SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson in 2000. If this is the true Third Secret, it is no wonder why the Vatican, beginning in 1960 with John XXlll did not wish to make it public. John XXlll claimed that the Third Secret “does not concern my pontificate” and refused to reveal it, despite the Blessed Viirgin Mary’s request from God that it be revealed to the faithful by 1960 at the latest.

Of course, by 1960, preparations for John XXlll’s Second Vatican Council were running high, its convocation having been announced by him on January 25, 1959.

In 2004, according to private testimony (Father Ingo Dollinger, a friend of both St. Padre Pio from whom he received his First Communion, and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) … the Cardinal told Father Ingo, at his request, that “the Third Secret speaks of an evil council”

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Fatima Newspaper Account of the Miracle of The Sun

Original Picture of the Miracle of The Sun as Published in a Vatican Newspaper. It may be just as the rain stopped and the sun started to come out. Hard to tell but ‘real’ is nice.

From ‘O Secula’ the anti-Catholic, Masonic daily paper of Lisbon, Portugal, by Avelino de Almedia, Editor in Chief

Despite his leanings, Mr. Almedia honestly reported what he witnessed regardless of the heckling that he knew he would receive from his employers and fellow journalists

“…One could see the immense multitude turn toward the sun, which appeared at its zenith, coming out of the clouds.

It resembles a dull silver disc, and it is possible to fix one’s eyes on it without the least damage to the eye. It does not burn the eyes. It does not blind them. One might say that an eclipse is taking place.

An immense clamor bursts out, and those who are nearer to the crowd hear a shout: ‘Miracle! Miracle! Prodigy!

“The attitude of the people takes us back to biblical times. Stupefied and with heads uncovered, they watch the blue sky. Before their dazzled eyes the sun trembled, the sun made unusual and brusque movements, defying all the laws of the cosmos, and according to the typical expression of the peasants, ‘the sun danced…’ “What did I see at Fatima that was even stranger? The rain, at an hour announced in advanced, ceased falling; the thick mass of clouds dissolved; and the sun – a dull, silver disc-came down into view at its zenith, and began to dance in a violent and convulsive movement, which a great number of witnesses compared to a ser;entine dance, because the colors taken on by the surface of the sun were so beautiful and gleaming.”

Doctor Garrett also described “a disc, with a clear cut rim, luminous and shining, but which did not hur the eyes. I do not agree with the comparison which I have heard made in Fatima – that of a dull silver disc. It was a clearer, richer, brighter color, having something of the lustre of a pearl. It did not in the least resemble the moon on a clear night because one saw it and felt it to be a living body … it looked like a glazed wheel made of mother-of-pearl.

A Wheel of Fire

As witnesses testified, the “dance of the sun” was repeated three times, with many likening is movements to a ‘a wheel of fire, a bicycle wheel, a captive ball of fire, etc. For ten to twelve minutes the people stood transvixed in wonder, before their amazement turned to terror as the sun suddenly crashed toward the earth.

As if from a bolt from the blue, the clouds were wrenched apart, and the sun at its zenith appeared in all its splendor.. It began to revolve vertiginously on its axis, like the most magnificent firewheel that could be imagined, taking on all the colors of the rainbow and sending forth multi colored flashes of light, producing the most astounding affect. This sublime and incomparable spectacle, which was repeated three distinct times, lasted for about ten minutes. The immense multitude, overcome by the evidence of such a prodigy, threw themselves on their knees. “The Creed, the Hail Mary, Acts of Contrition burst from all lips, and tears, tears of thanksgiving and repentance sprang from their eyes..”

” It seemed like a wheel of fire which was going to fall on the people.” Maria Carreira

“It spun like a firewheel.” Maria do Carmo Marques da Cruz Menezes

“…it spun round upon itself in a mad whirl.” Dr. Almeida Garrett

“It came down as if to the height of the clouds and began to whirl giddily upon itself like a captive ball of fire.” Father Pereira da Silva

“I saw the sun spinning around and it seemed about to come down on us. It revolved like a bicycle wheel. Afterwrd, it returned to its place … I wasn’t afraid, but I heard people cry out: “O we’re going to die! We are going to die.” John Carreira, the crippled sun of Maria Carreira, and later sacristan of the Fatima shrine.

“I saw the sun, as if it were a ball of fire, begin to move in the clouds. It had been raining all morning the sky was full of clouds, but the rain stopped. It lasted for several seconds, crushingly pressing down on us. Wan faces, standing here, from every side great ejaculations, acts of contrition, of the love of God. An indescribably moment. We feel it. We rramain dominated by it. Tut it is not possible to describe it.” Carlos Mendes, a lawyer

“At a certain moment, the sun seemed to stop and then began to move and dance” Ti Marto, father of Francisco and Jacinta Marto

“Ten suddenly, one heard a clamor, a cry of anguish breaking from all the people. The sun, whirling windly, seemed to loosen itself from the firmament and advance threateningly upon the earth, as if to crush us with its huge and fiery weight. The sensation during those moments was terrible.” Dr. Almeida Garrett

“At a certain moment, the sun seemed to stop and then began to move and dance unti it seemed that it was detached from the sky and was falling on ut. It was a terrible moment” Ti Marto

“It suddenly seemed to come down in a zig-zag, menacing the earth. Terrified, I ran and hid myself among the people, who were weeping and expecting the end of the world to come at any moment.” Father Lourence, who witnessed the Miracle as a schoolboy.

“I looked at the sun and saw it spinning like a disc, rolling on itself. I saw people changing color. They were stained with colors of the rainbow. The sun seemed to be falling form the sky … They were afraid and screaming.” Antonio de Oliveiro, farmer

“I saw the sun turn upon itself; it seemed to fall from the sky … The people around me were crying that the world was going to end.” Maria dos Prazeres, widow

” The sun started to roll from one place to another and changed to blue, yellow-all colors. Then we saw the sun coming towards the children. Everyone was crying out. Some started to confess their sins because there was no priest around here. My mother grabbed me to her and started to cry, ‘It is the end of the world!’ And then we saw the sun come right into the trees …” Dominic Reis, in a 1960 television interview

“Suddenly the rain stopped and a great splendor appeared and the children cried, ‘Look at the sun!’ I saw the sun coming down, feeling that it was falling to the ground. At that moment, I collapsed.” Maria Candida da Silva

“I looked and saw that the people were in various colors yellow, white, blue. At the same time, I beheld the sun spinning at great speed and very near to me. At once I thought: ‘I am going to die’ ” Father Joao Menitra

“The sun at its zenith whirled upon itself; it detached itself in descending towards the right, all the while whirling with sudden movements never seen before, to the right and the left, having almost arrived at the horizon line, it went back up to the zenith on the left, tracing a sort of winding ellipse as it went.” Baron de Alvaiazere

The frightened people, watching the sun return to its place in the heavens, had not yet noticed that their drenched and mud-soaked clothing was now clean and dry. Certainly, one can ponder even this prodigy, which reminds us of God’s abiding Providence. So many pilgrims had for days traveled to Fatima, and then faced a downpour that led them through mud up to two feet deep. Their shoes and lower apparel were caked with mud, their hair and clothes soaked, their bodies thoroughly chilled and then within the ten to twelve minutes during the Miracle of the Sun, they were spotless, warm dry, restored. This wonder, however, was not what moved them to instinctively raise their voices in an ecstasy of exultation.

“We have seen the sign of God!” the crowd cried in joy and thanksgiving, “spontaneously using the most exact biblical term, which also evokes the mysterious prophecy of the Apocalypse.

“A great sign appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun … Apoc 12:1

From:The Memoirs of Sister Lucia, the Last Fatima Visionary

About Pride

Lovely poetic style expression of beautiful sentiments! and wondering …


What good will it do me to ascend the mountain of pride

If I lose all sight of my Humble valley where I really belong

I must never let the sweet taste and aroma of Praise

Do its Dance upon my imprudent senses

It would be such a crying Shame if the music

Were out of tune and the musicians average

No one quite enjoys admitting he’s Satan’s Partner

I pace back and forth anxiously Hut one hut two

Without a legitimately formed Heart I may never leave the mountain

In the distance I see the Ashes of my former life

And I am now mere Baby steps away from the Doors of

Some odd and enigmatic Mystery Dinner

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The Great History Channel Presents the Story of Christopher Columbus, the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria and Sailing by the Stars

Christopher was a great explorer and Captain who navigated unknown waters with skill, sailing by the stars, staying afloat through vicious squalls which shook the heavy wooden masts like toothpicks… putting fear in idea the souls of the passengers below. He was not a destroyer of people. Good to read about him before they burn our history books and remove all memories of American goodness and bravery. He does not fit into the CRT so he must go!

Miracles For the Pilgrims On the Day The Fatima Children Were Kidnapped

In the morning of August 13, the children were abducted by the Masonic mayor of their locality. They were , therefore, unable to meet the Lady at the appointed place and time. God deigned to grant certain signs to the throng of people, thus manifesting the Lady’s unseen presence.

n The sun shone brightly in the clear August sky, and those who came to Fatima eagerly awaited the arrival of the children and the noon hour. Then word came and spread throughout the crowd that the mayor had kidnapped the young visionaries. As the people began to talk among themselves, the hour of solar noon commenced – as did certain signs previously see and heard in July:

First came an extremely loud boom of thunder, which so badly frightened the people that many scattered and ran, thinking they would be killed. Maria Carreira, eyewitness to every Fatima apparition since June 1917, said, “Some thought the thunder came from the road;; others thought it came from the holmoak; but it seemed to me that it came from a distance. It frightened us all…”

A flash of lightning, following the thunder, also garnered the attention of the now-silenced crowd. This “flash” seen only by the three children, served as the sign of the Virgin’s approach. In August, when the children were not present, it was the crowd who perceived it.

Immediately after the “flash,” a little cloud, described as very delicate and very white, appeared and hovered over the little holmoak tree for a few minutes and then rose in the air and disappeared.

Simultaneously, there was a change of atmosphere in which people saw “all the colors of the rainbow, pink, red, blue, … the trees seemed to be made not of leaves but of flowers … the ground came out in colors and so did our clothes. The lanterns fixed to the arch looked like gold.

When the signs disappeared, the people seemed to realize that Our Lady had come and, not finding the children, had returned.

as Maria Carreira would later say: “They felt that Our Lady was disappointed and hence they were exceedingly upset.”

From Fatima in Lucy’s own words. The Memoirs of Sister Lucy