Living Under Communism As Opposed to Living Under the Hand of the Man Who Didn’t Concede

“he second angel blew his trumpet and something like a great mountain burning with fire, was thrown into the sea and the sea became as blood” Revelation 8::8

John Noble, an American citizen, wrote a book about his arrest and kangaroo trial: ‘I Was A Slave in Russia’ published by Cicero Bible Press, Broadview, Illinois

Here is a sample of Communist Mind Messing::

Everybody’s mind and soul go through their own hell when the Communists get to power as they struggle for the soul of America … seeping a stream of lies and more lies into the population. The installation of fear is an awesome tool of the Commies. What control they have when everyone is afraid of their neighbor because of Covid and the harsh treatment of the citizenry over it. Unvaccinated vs Vaccinated! What a ‘divisive’ tool that is !!

John Nobles Journey to The Gulag on the Prison Train

” On the prison train to the Gulag, a journey which lasted six weeks, I was jammed between other prisoners, feet hard against the train wall, hands at side, chin against the rough board of the shelf. There was no way to change positions, to arch one’s back, to do anything.

Communist Care On the Prison Train

Twice a day we were taken to the bathroom. At other times, prisoners who could not hold themselves would whimper and foul their pants and also the prisoners next to them. Even in the community of hardship it was difficult for some prisoners not to hate the unfortunates who did this.”

The Gulag

“The cell measured six by three feet, the size of a closet. A cot took up almost all the floor space. The walls were a dead white, and outside the door a 400 watt bulb glared day and night until the white of the walls seemed to seep through every part of the brain. Between the walls of each two cells there was a metal slot in which wood or coal fires could be built to heat the cells. Fires were got going in the slot about seven in the morning. By noon the walls were too hot to get near, and I gasped in the humid heat, wet with perspiration. The the evening the fires were permitted to go out, and the outer doors to the cell corridors were opened to let the freezing winds whip through.

We had no blankets. Each night was a chattering freezing night.

Communist Style Trial:

“”A girl at a table shoved a printed form toward me. It had been filled in at two places. First there was my name. Then there was a space with the figure 15 on it. ‘What is this?’ I asked pointing to the figure? ” You have been tried in Moscow and sentenced to 15 years of slave labor. Physical labor.’ “Why? For what reason, I blurted out.?” ‘If there are any questions, ‘ the girl replied curtly, ‘ask them where you will be sent.’

Sound Familiar?

John Nobles trial and imprisonment so resembles that of the January 6 prisoners, who were jailed, put in isolation, and remain there. Extrajudicially ! Beyond the course of justice ! An example for America to see how the inhumane ideology of Communism, which first badly messes with your mind and, first instills hate. Orwell wrote of ‘hate week’

Joe Biden, currently wearing the ill gotten crown of the President of America, was endorsed by the Communist Party of America. He and his cohorts in the White House are daily seeping out harmful and unjust words and deeds, which exude the rotten odor of Communism, in black clouds over the United States of America causing families to quarrel and causing food and essential items to be in short supply.

They are currently working on a plan to eliminate a one family home. No more white picket fences, a pretty lawn with children skipping rope. Dreams will be shattered. Biden and Harris will see to that!

They want us all in apartments … like most of the Chinese citizens are. We can be observed and tattled upon in that situation. Not much room for children either. They want to eliminate ‘families’

Their private beliefs and lust for power can be seen in all its’ nakedness and who will be for us?

God bring us back the man who didn’t concede. Trump was red, white and blue. He was a giant of a man. He walked with kings but had the common touch. ‘ They’ are strangling him but he will overcome. He was sent to us by God. He won. Trump won!