Chinese Speech by Proud Military General: “We Are The Product of Cultural Roots of More Than A Million Years”

Retired General Chi Haotian gave two speeches which gained international attention, among other speeches of his. The following excerpt is taken from one:

From: ‘Is Nazi China Emerging? by Rajinder Puri “

General Chi Speaks With Braggidocio:

“We are the product of our cultural roots of more than a million years, our civilization and progress of more than ten thousand years, and a single Chinese entity of two thousand years. This is the Chinese nation that calls itself “descendents of Yan and Huang, the Chinese nation that we are so proud of.

Hitler’s Germany has once bragged that the German race was the most superior race on earth, but the fact is, our nation is far superior to that of the Germans. During our long history, our peoples have disseminated through to the Americas, and the regions along the Pacific Rim, and they became Indians in the Americas and the East Asian ethnic groups in the South Pacific.

We all know that on account of our national superority, during the thriving and prosperous Tang Dynasty our civilization was at the peak of the world. We were the center of the world civilization, and no other civilization in the world was comparable to ours. Later on, because of our complacency, narrow-mindedness and the self enclosure of our own country, we were surpassed by Western civilzation , and the center of the world shifted to the West

By reviewing history one may ask : Will the center of the world civilization shift back to China?

As we all know, Nazi Germany also placed much emphasis on the education of the people, especially the younger generation.

The Nazi party and government organized and established various propaganda and educational institutions such as the “Guiding Bureau of National Propaganda” and “Information Office”.

All were aimed at instilling into the German people’s minds, from elementary schools to colleges, the idea that German people are superior, and convincing people that the historical mission of the Arian people is to become “The Lords of Earth that rule over the world” fair use disclaimer

Brave young soldier, only a boy, about to break down

Remember what Our Lady, Mary Mediatrix of all Grace, said to the people of the Philippines and those of earth:

“Pray hard for China’s dream is to invade the whole world.”

Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace appeared at Lipa Philippines amidst abundant showers of rose petals … many of them carried miniature holy pictures. They fell from the sky wafting softly from side to side at times. 1949-1951