St Maximilian Kolbe

I never though that I would have the experience of watching and listening to this elderly priest who was a friend of St. Maximilian Kolbe for many years. It was so edifying and when asked by the gentleman presenting: “what would Maximilian Kolbe say to do about today?” Father said: He would say to just “be holy”

Devotion to St Maximilian Kolbe and the Militia Immaculata

Ave Maria!

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2 thoughts on “St Maximilian Kolbe

    1. You must mean “be holy”. As the priest who was with St Max for years. That’s all he, the elderly priest, cd. Think of when asked ‘what wd. St Maximillian tell us about these days. Most likely. Yes we need a leader again to help us be holy. I think the words of ArchBishop Vigano inspire one to be holy. He is going through an imprisonment of sorts, and writing his heart out to the world. What charity! A good starter maybe with asking for charity. Guess I’ll do that. I need it. So many people letting us down.

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