Mike Lindell: He Walks With Kings But Has The Common Touch

  • Willing to give his All to save the republic
  • He sees, as all who look for the truth, that America is falling to Communism
  • He cares
  • “It is what it is”
  • Striving with giant steps to expose the truth
  • Able to defend himself from the enemies words and expose their lies with a touch of humor added.
  • Wait until you see the Cyber Symposium – that labor of love for YOU
  • “I’m doing this for you” Mike Lindell
New Chairman of the Board of Gulfport Energy, one of the largest producers of natural gas in the contiguous United States . gulfportenergy.com

Mike’s interview with Ava Roosevelt, author, wife of the late William Donnor Roosevelt, grandson of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The Addiction Story: A Part of Mike’s Life Told During an interview with Ava Roosevelt

Ava: “In a couple words define who you are.

Mike: “Faith, loyalty, and, integrity.

Ava: “Thank you Mike I am proud to be able to call you my friend, God bless you, Mike. You said ‘I am an addict in every sense of the word.’

Mike: “Do you remember the days before flat screen TV? Thats when you turned off the television and it slowly turned into a point of nothingness. That incident made me I know I was at the end of my rope. 2009. I went to bed in the early morning hours of January 18. I asked God to remove the weight of addiction from my shoulders. The next morning, when I woke up, I felt literally unchained. I touched my arms and body because I couldn’t believe the sense of freedom. But it was very real. I was freed that day and by God’s grace I am still free.

Ava Roosevelt: Author, wife of the late William Donner Roosevelt, the grandson of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Mike Lindell Understands the way that Liberalism has Prepared the Way For Communism in America He Cares Enough to Institute this Forensic Analysis of the 2020 Election which is seen as fraudulent by Many Americans. It is about bringing the truth to light. What is wrong with that? How could anything be wrong with truth folks ??

When I think of the isolation in the imprisonment of the January 6th ‘insurrectionists’ and the fact that they are not allowed due process, are placed in isolation, are not allowed visitors … I think of Hong Kong and how it recently was overtaken by China, which had a grievous hand in appointing Chief Executive Carrie Lam, a liberal communist on fire with the idology. This is how elections are handled by Communism … or mishandled. Is this what we want in America? Apparently Joe Biden does and he was anointed by the Communist Party of America.

Tiananmen Square is the size of an airport. Thousands of students were protesting there because they wanted democracy. Chairman Mao ordered an attack. Hundreds of them were shot and killed. The blood was flowing!” From the book ‘Tiananmen Square by Author with held’

Is this what we want in America? There are signs that our election has been tampered with by China. There are other signs of fraud. What is wrong with Mike Lindel spending his hard earned money and time … in search of truth?

The push for communism in America has been slow and steady. Class struggle with its consequent violent hate and destruction has taken on the aspect of a crusade for the progress of humanity, Moral restraints that check the eruption of blind passions have been stripped away. The emperor fiddles while America burns.

Mike Lindell wants to help you. He is a golden touch to our country. Watch his undeniable forensic analysis of the election of 2020. I watched the part he showed and it was fascinating … even though I know very little about forensic analysis. I could see the rolling of numbers non stop and at the top of each strip was the name of a state in very fine print. Intriguing!! Mike says we will be able to see the changes.

I’m looking forward to seeing some truth come forth and this honest, hard working man holds not a candle, but, something like the sun … and he is doing it for us. See it all on:

frankspeech.com August 10 – 11 – 12

Yes, God bless you, Mike.