‘This is a battle between Our Lord and the devil’: Doctor-nun slams forced vaccines, communism

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Sister Deirde Byren, M.D.,a retired U.S. Army officer and graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Medicine, said the push to force everyone to receive abortion-tainted COVID-19 shots ‘has a diabolic flavor to it.’

By Ashley Sadler at LifeSiteNews:

Religious sister, general surgeon, and U.S. Army veteran Sister Deirde Byrne, M.D. took the nation by storm last year when she appeared at the Republican National Convention in full religious habit to give a stirring pro-life address while wielding her weapon: the rosary.

Now Byrne’s message for America is to pray and remain in a state of grace in the face of experimental COVID-19 vaccine mandates and a government she fears is headed toward communism.

“This battle is not between the right and the left, it’s not between conservatives and liberals or Republicans and Democrats,” the retired Army colonel, who spoke at today’s “Stop the Shot” conference, told LifeSiteNews in an…

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One thought on “‘This is a battle between Our Lord and the devil’: Doctor-nun slams forced vaccines, communism

  1. Yes indeed, Mary Anne. I have to agree as I’ve thought much of this all along as you know. But I take it a step further and say that the battle lines are very well defined so well in fact that it’s actually now a battle between right and wrong and we do have many citizens and officials that are WRONG and doing more wrong to maintain their freedom as many belong in prison or worse! So evil will not come out and admit what it’s done and no one seems equipped or has the intestinal fortitude and commitment to their Nation under God or God Himself to rally the troops to storm the havens of guilty all around us! Just passing the buck? Time will tell!

    Meanwhile do we see Mealy Mouthed and Spineless Mitch McConnell preferring charges to the Senate to have any hearings or go after the many Dems that are as dirty as sin, the way they unrelentingly went after President Trump or General Michael Flynn with nothing but fabrication and innuendo by a complicit and partisan FBI?

    Not looking good at all. But oh yes there are absolutely demonic forces involved in many of the nefarious politicians who are doing their best to protect number one, not the Nation or its People!!

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