3 thoughts on “US Government’s $3.7 Million Grant to Wuhan Lab at Center of Corona Virus Outbreak

  1. The derelict and madmen of the world have been busy doing their dirty and dishonest deeds in the shadows! They’ve brought on great suffering and have no conscience about it; but there will be an accounting and they will be with their father of all lies!

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    1. Our leaders lie to us. Yes, derelict and madmen are they!!! But it distresses my soul when I discover that a holy man or a political man tries to lead me into error or extend power over my life … evil power. Mandatory face coverings for example! What happened to My Body My Choice? Those who chanted that are now quiet. It seems they have won their way. How much we have to pray and even fast. Father Ripperger (exorcist priest) videos on you tube shed light on the demonic, how countries can be possessed etc. No wonder Our Lady wants Russia to be consecrated. The demons will leave that country and Russia will convert and become a light for the world. The world will know that it was because of the Consecration and many will return to God. Pray for the Consecration of Russia and for the Popes who turned their backs on Our Lady’s request … which was Gods command.

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  2. Hi Mary Anne! Been busy but only now going to catch up here and this being my first reply I have to say you said it well; this being one of my favorite topics, (with sarcasm) I have to say what is here to like or appreciate these days about pretty much any of our elected officials; who tome are all guilty by association! Look how many years things have had to devolve to where they are now making them all complicit while fattening their bank accounts like a Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, Waters, Schiff, McConnell and the rest on both sides of the aisle; or how many outrageous and even wicked Supreme Court decisions have been made that pull apart and ruin the fabric of a Nation under God bringing it to its figurative knees as if some circus of fools or carnival act!

    Mary Anne this hits the ball out of the park in baseball terms; isn’t this exactly what’s been happening on a global scale, “It distresses my soul when I discover that a holy man or a political man tries to lead me into error or extend power over my life … evil power,” but now in our faces right in our Nation once under God, the home of the free and land of the brave! Where are they all of a sudden and who is really free or brave to the extent of those who preceded them? What a bunch of crybabies and leftist loonies this Nation has become with all of its corruption and bitter, violent and hateful vitriol flying about daily with a main stream media that’s become a propaganda arm of the elite and powerful rather than any dispensers of truth and an agency for the good of a Nation and its people as purveyors of truth! But now lies and deception continually deployed as a form of weapon to control in order to taint, brainwash and destroy!

    Evil has gotten its grip upon the heart of America and these mandates that tell “We the People” that we must be donning masks to have any semblance of freedom because we have suddenly become toxic and extremely dangerous bio-weapons to one another as if far worse than Ebola exponentially; while the survival rate is around 99.98%, and we must social distance and if not complying; we are to be shunned, excluded and even have a Scarlet Letter Passport, placed upon our identity! But yet a woman with her medical accomplices and blessing of this same government say it’s just fine to rip an unborn human baby out of a mother’s womb like some extraneous tissue, even on day of delivery fully born to snuff its lights out and do what they please with it from experimentation to selling and in some cases devouring it by some of the most evil so called human beings on this planet! The hypocrisy and lies are stacked up to the clouds now, and how long will God allow these creatures to carry on in this vile abomination and lie? I agree with all you say here and the demonic is truly among us all over the planet! In history we see what happens when conditions slide and spiral to these depths, and it’s always been a time of complete loss. How long will God allow this; it won’t be much longer in my humble opinion because either way you look at it, this can’t last; headed the way it’s now going; without the human race imploding altogether, giving the Devil his due.

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