XI Xiping’s Warning To The World

Mao Zedong Communist Leader of Red China 1950

Xi Xiping, Present Chinese leader, appeared recently in a grey Mao Zedong style uniform, on screen in Tianenman Square and spoke to the gathered Chinese people:

“The Chinese people will absolutely not allow any foreign force to bully, oppress or enslave us and anyone who attempts to do so will face broken heads and bloodshed in front of the iron Great Wall of the 1.4 billion Chinese people.” President XI Ping Associated Press

Looking Back at History in China

On October 1, 1949, Chairman Mao had stood in the same Tiananmen Square, recently in 1989, bloodied by the massacre of Chinese students carrying out a hunger strike for Democracy, and proclaimed to the gathered people that they would now be ruled by the Chinese Communist Party. Chinese Nationalist Leader Generalissimo Chiang kai shek had fled to Formosa (Taiwan now) after a long Red seige.

Peace was a word as dear to the Chinese as to any follower of Gandhi, any Quaker, any pacifist. The word “peacefulness” is, in the old Chinese tradition, written on red paper at the New Year and hung before each door.

Yet, no citizen of China living today has any memory of peace.

Since the founding of the Republic by Sun Yat-Sen in 1911, China had been constantly at war. War Lord wars, the Nationalist North Expediton wars, the Communist suppression wars of 1927-36, bandit wars, full-scale civil wars, and a decade-long war against the Japanese.

Then came the war of ideas … for the souls of men.

The war between the nations which ended in 1945 had ended. The war between ideas knew no such finale. China was still sundered between Generalissimo Chiang kai shek (Nationalist leader) and the Reds.

In 1949 a defeated Chiang kai shek and his army fled to Formosa, which is now known as Taiwan

Communism then spread its’ red curtain upon China. Men of religion had warned long before V-J day about Communism. Missionaries had warned. Nationalists had warned. In 1927 the Nanking garrison had killed U.S. nationals after most atrocious tortures. Burial alive. Burning.

Chinese Communists’ desire to persecute religion was made evident early, along with the fact that they were not simply ‘agrarian reformers as named by various media in many countries. The war of words was on and playing out to this day.

Broken Heads and Bloodshed(words of XiPing) … Neither Have Ever Ceased

There were missionaries … Catholic and Protestants in the early years of the Communist takeover of China. They warned the world that China would follow the grim pattern of Russia itself where more than 3,000 priest martyrdoms occurred in the early post war period. At Nanking, the Chinese Communists instituted a terror in which Jesuit and Columban priests were killed, after having their beards and sexual organs burnt off by the mob. These things were reported but only in obscure missionary magazines.

Red soldiers paraded through the streets in priestly vestments to ridicule the Faith.

The post war terror of a whole community began brutally in 1946 in Chungli, Chahar. It centered around the small Catholic village Siwantze with its 3,000 souls. Foreign reporters printed the story of the bloodiest massacre since the horrors of the Boxer wars. Waldo Drake head of the Asiatic Bureau of The Los Angeles Times, a responsible and trusted journalist. sent photographs of the scenes marking them “typical of the terrorism and anti-religious vandalism of the guerilla campaigns with which the Chinese Communists are sweeping North China’s frontier province.”

Father James A. Linihan: His Story

“There followed a campaign of terrorism. Men who were suspected of being hostile to the Chinese were stabbed or strangled. Children were taught to practice violence, and I have seen a woman terrorized by a gang of young Communist ruffians, one of whom was her own son. I have seen a young woman attempt suicide to escape the Reds, and I have heard the Red soldiers shouting their slogan: “Kung fan, kung chi” (common food, common wives.) I have seen the Reds calling out a prisoner, telling him that he was to go free, and then ordering a youth to behead him.”

The war of the falsity of words continues on. The persecution of the underground Catholic Church of China continues on … perpetrated and consented to by its’ Own … in mutual co-operation between Rome and Beijing …

Jehovahs Witnesses, Uyghurs who have compatible organs to sell …Protestants who only want to go to Church and pray … parents of children who snitched on them because said parents spoke against the party … will feel unbelievable pain and unbearable pain, unable to live as human beings in their own beautiful country bordered by the majestic Himalaya Mountains.

Who is “bullying” who, Mr. President?

History and Stories: Taken from the 1953 book: God’s Underground in Asia by Gretta Palmer

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  1. Savagery and oppression have plagued China going back millennia. They still have the Yulin dog eating festivals where they skin thousands, and boil them alive to make sure the adrenal glands release as much cortisol as possible, then eat them promptly with very little cooking. That along with a government of atheist communist dictators; there is no way that I’ll be convinced they can or will be a peaceful Nation with their own citizenry; and of course not with the world! They can promote that but no Christianity!

    It’s a known fact that they have global designs, and to me they are the most dangerous adversarial nation on earth; which may be the one that starts the next massive World War, perhaps tied in with Iran and or Russia.

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