Remarkable Story of Melanie and Maximin the Lasalette Seers

Many don’t believe and many are just exhausted from the turmoil. Here is some info about Melanies childhood from the book:  Melanie and the Story of Our Lady of LaSalette by Mary Alice Dennis. Fascinating. So needed for those who are exhausted from the turmoil of evil in the world.


This book not only tells much of the message of LaSalette, but includes many of the little known events in the lives of the children, and, what happened to them after they saw the Light on the Mountain within which sat a Lady who was radiant, as if she were made of light.   She sat on the roof of the ‘Paradise House’ which they had built out of stones with a flat rock on the top covered with flowers.  The light was so brilliant that they had to shade their eyes at first but Melanie could see that the Lady was weeping.  “I could see her tears falling” she said later.

Melanie was the first girl born in a family of two boys.  The happiness of Julie Calvat at having a little girl to dress quickly dissipated as Melanie grew.  She was a little baby who couldn’t stand noise…

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  1. Just remember divide and conquer was always Satan’s work; you’re playing with fire there in Ms. Cherie
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