Myanmar (Burma) Cardinal Bo Calls for End to Violence as Thousands Flee Homes

Myanmar has been in turmoil since February 1, when its military leaders rejected the results of democratic elections, launching a coup d’etat and imprisoning the country’s civilian leaders. Cardinal Bo said that since then nearly 800 have been killed, 3,000 imprisoned and “unknown numbers” picked up for questioning.”

The activist group Assistance Association for Political Prisoners reported that about 5,200 people have been detained and at least 881 have already been killed since february, when the military seized power in a coup.

“Nobody deserves violence, the torture, incarceration, and death that we witness in our country for the last four months” said the prelate in a message during Mass on Sunday.

Cardinal Bo warned against the “nauseating chronicle of killing, wading through rivers of blood ….”

“Myanmar is experiencing “dark moments of challenges as thousands of our countrymenand women are in desperate need for food, medicine and shelter.

Pray for the people of Myanmar.

Jose Torres Jr. Manila, Philippines, June 28, 2021/11:30 am