Mother-of-Three Dies After AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine Causes Blood Clots in Brain + More

Terror fills the air and sorrowful people cry for this mom. How many more have to die from the poisoned and most defective vaccine forced upon mankind. Despite the monumental ‘side effects’ there is still no thought to consider halting this experimentation on the human race. ‘They’ are trying to eliminate adults. ‘They’ are tired of just killing little babies. ‘They’ want the earth to themselves!

The Most Revolutionary Act

Mother-of-three Lucy Taberer, 47, fell seriously ill after getting the jab and developed blood clots on her brain which caused a massive stroke

By Raven Saunt For Mailonline

Daily Mail

Mother-of-three, 47, dies after AstraZeneca Covid jab caused blood clots on her brain which led to a stroke

  • Lucy Taberer, 47, from Aylestone, Leicester, fell seriously ill after getting the jab 
  • The mother-of-three developed blood clots on her brain which caused stroke
  • Fiance Mark Tomlin has since spoken about the devastating impact on the family

A mother-of-three has died after suffering a rare catastrophic reaction to the AstraZeneca coronavirus jab, her family has said.

Lucy Taberer, 47, fell seriously ill after getting the jab and developed blood clots in her brain which caused a stroke.

Her heartbroken fiance, Mark Tomlin, from Aylestone in Leicester, has since spoken about the devastating impact her death has had on the family including the couple’s five-year-old son Orson.



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8 thoughts on “Mother-of-Three Dies After AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine Causes Blood Clots in Brain + More

  1. Jacinta Boudreau

    “Terror fills the air and sorrowful people cry for this mom. How many more have to die from the poisoned and most defective vaccine forced upon mankind. Despite the monumental ‘side effects’ there is still no thought to consider halting this” Well said! So true!!! 😦

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    1. Hi Jacinta, Thanks for the beautiful little shrine. I have it on my table at night and it gives solace. Call me if you want to’shoot the breeze’ anytime. 508 287 3574 I pray for Martin with Father John.

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      1. What an atrocity has been committed against humanity and I dare say God too! I Just wrote today how in conversations this was a key topic of our discussion and how the losses being on going are frightening; while to me what’s staring us all in the face is the fact of how pitiful human beings in this day and age have become to be causing this kind of destruction to others. But should I be surprised, of course not, when the “Book of Truth” spells out what to expect and know is coming to this fallen world!

        One interesting side note that also stood out was this phrase you mention here, “if you want to’ shoot the breeze.” I just wrote in my first blog posting of the day this morning this, “my dad always referred to such encounters with good old friends, as “shooting the breeze.” Now isn’t that special and perhaps an added acknowledgment that God is really there and knows all! Amen.
        God Bless You!

        Brother in Christ Jesus,
        Lawrence Morra III

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      2. That’s funny, Lawrence! That was an old expression used frequently in my growing up days so long ago and far away. Yes, how pitiful people have become. I wonder often these days what a person completely devoid of MERCY (one of the fruits of the Holy Ghost)is like. and I come up with Adolph Hitler, and, his brainwashed death squads of Nazi criminal ‘military’ who ran the medical experiments in Auschwitz. Somehow our President comes to mind.

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      3. Yes Mary Anne… that is a nice old fashioned expression my parents and grandparents along with aunts and uncles actually used quite a bit, that I liked hearing especially anything my dad said when I was growing up; stands out for me! His oldest sister told me he was a special even back to their growing up years.

        I couldn’t agree more with your assessment, and absolutely Hitler was that deep dark spiritually bankrupted kind of demented, sociopathic, almost I have to say nonhuman figure personified; like some Frankenstein, soulless or demon possessed; and I hate to have to say it but I know there are many such people on this planet right now; even scarier I sense and see some of that twisted wickedness in the current President! Some of these type nefarious persons are even very networked that we are aware of; and many we don’t know about! It’s a scary world looking ahead, nothing like the heyday’s or when people were typically much more compassionate and the majority were at least civil and had some heart.

        You’re so right about the lunatic fraud, lifelong corrupted man occupying the White House; a morally bankrupted minion of darkness as well and a great buddy with the Bergoglio character occupying the Vatican!

        I think and picture John F. Kennedy and his wonderful serene, dignified and wholesome, handsome manly look that I’ve seen in so many photos and video documentaries, and I say that was a good Man, and a good Democrat to boot; which none of the above exists anymore in hat combination! That says a lot about what had happened and where things are headed I hate to say!
        God Bless You.

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      4. JFK: the polar opposite of the current occupant. Smart,and, an alpha male like John Wayne and Donald Trump ! What an example for boys! I have been researching ‘Is Francis a heretic?” My conclusion is yes. Therefore I have to follow that thought and say he is not a Catholic anymore. I scare myself saying these things as it is not my place. I could be wrong. It is up to Cardinals but they’re doing nothing. (that I can see) However, the See of Peter is supposed to radiate grace to all nations. “Go ye therefore and teach all nations whatsoever I have commanded you.” If a Pope with Sanctifying Grace were in charge Russia would be consecrated by now and all this ‘crap’ would dissolve. I read the Vatican II they threw in the trash. Condemnation of Communism is so clearly written and it is the monumental Shame of the Centuries that it was thrown away by the Modernists. You cry when you read it. I found it in the archives of Life Site News.

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      5. Mary Anne I know the feeling and position very well that you find yourself in when saying what you now believe you must! As you said the Cardinals are doing nothing, very much like what transpired in our US Government just prior to January 6th and then thereafter a cavalcade of lies, cover-up and smoke and mirrors from all federal agencies along with their puppet propaganda arm the MSM cheerleaders, that have actually been treasonous and vile anti God, anti-humanity cohorts not doing what true ethical journalists are supposed to do! They are all in cahoots; and I see the Church unfortunately doing the same thing to a large extent not fully engaged in what Jesus Christ would be instructing them to do if He were physically here now for the Second Coming! But they know better and shame on all of them for allowing things to get this far out of control and closer to the precipice of annihilation.

        I know God wants us not to be herd animals and gave us a brain with a real conscience to use in discerning all things in prayer and genuine supplication through Jesus Christ; and the Holy Ghost is there to give us insight or direction.

        I firmly believe this nation and the world are as bad off as they are because they haven’t been sincere enough in their talk of faith and honor; or certainly haven’t followed a great adage that wasn’t followed prior to WWII either, and we know what evil resulted.

        Edmund Burke “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing,”

        I agree with your perceptions here and one clincher is how Francis has been bowing down to the evil empire, China’s CCP totally abhorrent evil atheists and antichrist; as I see them that nation’s leadership is so hell-bent on global control while being atheists; they can only be getting their greatest influence from Satan. That is a sure giveaway to me because no actual genuine Vicar of Christ following in the footsteps of Saint Peter would ever be so blasé and immerse himself into a wicked political worldly apparatus like that; basically becoming a useful idiot and stooge for the communists! Perhaps this is why there is no consecration of Russia going on now when it was supposed to; because we have been going in the wrong direction for so long! Biden is proof of that, as his record speaks for itself having 48 years of hanky-panky affairs or backdoor deals selling political favor with these same communists and others around the globe! He is a man of perdition!

        Oh I sure look up to those great generation leaders and real McCoy’s like John Wayne for a real decent patriotic Hollywood, and JFK for leading our Nations government! Which Trump definitely was seeing it the same way and actually was doing so much about it; and all good.

        But the evil is so rampantly out of control and infecting so many high raking individuals it’s really scary how insane this world is becoming! I too don’t have all the nitty-gritty facts but I scrap up some here and there and then with prayer and guidance from above though my heart I see into these messes to ascertain at least the general problem as it exists! And so far nothing is proofing me wrong all along; I really wish something would and that things would straighten out for the better all the way around; but all I see is things going downhill fast. Former AG

        Barr turned out to be the swamp creature and liar I thought he was, now coming out talking how there was nothing irregular with the election! Am I supposed to be that stupid and believe him, the dirty swamp creature he is that didn’t lift a finger to go after even the Antifa and BLM madness last summer, which was “domestic terrorism” as he even announced long before last summer that Antifa was now classified as such a domestic terror group! But, anything to support the Establishment crooked machine is fine by him!

        Well we have to pray and just tough it out like we always do!

        God bless you and thank you for this very noteworthy whole truth and nothing but the truth comment!

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