When People Made Their Own Sacred Heart Badges

Between 1620 (when St. Margaret Mary received the Sacred Heart Badge), and, 1789 (the year of the French Revolution) many people made their own Sacred Heart badges.

They were very popular in the Court of King Louis XVI and Queen Antoinette Marie.

News of the graces obtained through the Badges which had been given to St. Margaret Mary
reached the Court of King Louis XVI. Maria Lesczynska, wife of King Louis XV became devoted to the Badge. In 1748 she received several Badges from Pope Benedict XIV as a wedding gift. Among the various presents sent by the Pontiff were “many Badges of the Sacred Heart made of red taffeta and embroidered gold.” the records say.


The unfortunate French Revolution erupted in France in 1789. True Catholics found protection in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus during that period. Many priests, nobles, and commoners who resisted the bloody anti-Catholic revolution wore the badge. Even ladies of the Court wore the Badge embroidered with precious materials over fabric. The simple fact of wearing it became a distinctive sign of those who opposed the French Revolution.

Among the belongings of Queen Marie Antoinette, guillotined out of revolutionary hatred, was found a drawing of the sacred Heart, with the wound, the cross, and crown of thorns, and the inscription: “Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.”

TO DON THE BADGE OF THE SACRED BADGE WAS TO BECOME AN ENEMY OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER. http:sacredtreasures.typad.com/sacred-treasures

In 1793, when the peasants of the Vendee revolted against the anti-Christian character of the French Revolution, they wore the Sacred Heart Badge into battle, with cries of “Rembarre!” The gallant revolt was viciously put down by the Revolutionary government; in the name of liberty, many men, women and children were tortured and massacred.

” You can be certain that wherever the place may be; in your living room, on a locker, or in a Berlin barracks, or in the billfold you carry everywhere with you … whatever the image of the Sacred Heart may be … a holy card, a badge, or a picture … you will be blessed because you have exposed and honored it. ” http://sacredtreasures.typepad.com/sacred-treasures

And not you alone, but everyone who is in that place will be blessed with you.

For Our Divine Lord said “I will bless every place in which an image of My Sacred Heart shall be exposed and honored.”