The Sacred Heart in Apparition to St. Marguerite Maria Alocoque Asks King Louis XIV To Use His Emblem on Flags and Standards



If only King Louis XIV had asked questions when he had heard the rumors about some Sacred Heart messages for him …through a visionary at Paray-le-Moyal. The King  had already been communicating with St. John Eudes.  He was growing older and weaker at this time.

But only Father Le Chaize, the Confessor of the King, to whom St. Margaret Mary Alocoque had sent a letter, in which was written, for the king,  the exact requests of the Sacred Heart knew.  Father Le Chaize,  failed to give them to the King. His reasons were fear of his superior.

His Superior … in the Jesuit order …  was hostile to the events occurring in Paray-Le-Moyal.   Father Le Chaize was a good Priest.

His Superior had already chastised severely another Jesuit, Father Croisset, for writing about the apparitions and propagating them.

The chain of events could have been so different.  Even to…

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