5. Father Le Chaize: Confessor to Louis XIV Who, With Certainty, Did Not Give the Sacred Heart Messages to King Louis XIV as St. Margaret Mary Asked


Pere Francois d’Aix de la Chaise, Confessor of King Louis XIV, was born at the mansion of Aix, in Forez.  He entered the Jesuit novitiate at Roanne in 1649 after teaching the humanities and philosophy.

He became the confessor to Louis XIV in 1675, succeeding the deceased Father Ferrier, and filled this influential but extremely delicate position conscienciously for 34 years.

King Louis had mistresses and many illegitimate children. He had many enemies in his court.  There was a period of witchcraft and another called ‘the poison affair’.  These are all documented in ‘Memoirs of the Duc de St. Simon’ – a series of voluminous tomes which are considered by universal consent to be at the head of French historical papers.”

I am trying to adhere to the spiritual aspects of the times as it appears to me that the good Lord wants the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart…

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