Behind The Bamboo Curtain At School in Communist China 1952 And ‘Critical Race Theory’

“We shall respect religious liberty in the market places, and, in the institutes of learning” spoke Mao Zedong to several hundred of his government associates in Beijing. This is only one of many bold faced lies used by the CCP from its beginning in order to infect the Chinese people with the disease of Communism.


” It is the year 1952, and, in a North China mission the Catholic students were interrogated by a commisar. A little girl of twelve was asked, “Where did you come from? ” She answered, “God made me.” The commissar was angry. “But that’s superstition” he said. “God didn’t make man. We all come from the monkey.”

“Maybe you came from the monkey” said the little girl, “but God made me.”

Heroism was required by the little ones … great amounts indeed!

Just how much heroism is required to hold out against the Red drive for the children’s minds is indicated by one foreign missioners report:

“The children are lured into the schools by candies and toys. They are educated here to hate their parents, and are systematically taught cruelty. In the second grade, the children get live dogs, cats and rabbits.

They are urged to tear these living animals to pieces, cutting their ears and tails, gouging out their eyes with knives.

In the third grade, a boy and a girl are locked together in a room alone to “overcome shyness”. Boys and girls sleep side by side at night in the dormitories.

At the medical examinations, boys and girls have to wait naked in the same room. Catholic girl students who dropped their heads in shame were sent away and punished..

Militant communism is all that counts in the schools today: other studies are not important.

One girl in Pieping asked for the death of her mother, because she had spoken out against communism. After her execution, the girl thanked the authorities for have killed “an enemy of China.”

For children were everywhere urged to “convert” their parents, and Communist newspapers published rules for doing so. The cleavage between the generations became constantly greater, and one missionary sadly reported, “with one stroke of evil genius, the regime has cut away the two pillars that supported Catholic training: the family and the school. ”

From: God’s Underground in Asia by Gretta Palmer 1953

Some children, whose parents have managed to save, by belonging to the Chinese underground Church, retain the virtues of their human nature with the Sanctifying grace obtained by Catholic Sacraments. There are others who have managed to stay under the radar too. Their lives, all of them, are lived hidden under the evil shadows of Communist philosophy which carries threats of jail, torture, or even a death penalty for a word spoken against the government and carried along to same by a snitcher!

America now fights for a patriotic school system, which had been ordered by former President Trump.

The American powers that be, the Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris administration have ruled from their thrones that ‘Critical Race Theory’ will be the way American children will be brought along.

Critical Race Theory, the subject matter being introduced into American schools, is a stepping stone to the childs’ mind. It is the initiation of hatred for their fellow human beings rather than lighting their little personalities with love and kindness.

How clever this evil is ! It is the ‘seeds’ of Communism. the same as the Communists used in 1952.

Most likely taught to those men who now bedevil us.

Call them products of Critical Race Theory teaching!