2 thoughts on “Father Altman on ‘Hell’

  1. This is a most impressive sermon on hell. Best ever!! Father Altman was asked by his Bishop to resign yesterday because his homilies are “divisive” and “ineffective” They are so ‘ineffective’ that the annual income of the parish where he is Pastor has more than doubled its’ annual income. People have been flocking from other parishes to hear him. That is how ‘divisive’ his words are. He hasn’t split or divided the flock. Rather, he has added to them and they are one big “Dear Family” … this is how he refers to them in his homilies.

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  2. Yes Mary Anne…the enemies within can’t have any voice of dissent or moreover one that speaks truth while they push the agenda of lies and evil to destroy the Church of God that Jesus Christ established! They are blasphemers and he Devils minions!

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