New Look at The Astonishing Miracle of Fatima

The crowd of 70,000 souls were becoming impatient. They had traveled far, and, had slept on the ground because three shepherd children had announced there would be a great miracle. The press waited with cameras loaded to go. The rain was coming down in furious sheets and the mud was making a quagmire out of the ground. Suddenly …

Lucy exclaimed: “Kneel down, Jacinta, for now I see Our Lady.”

There it was, the familiar flash that heralded the appearance of the Heavenly visitor. The faces of the children assumed an ecstatic expression, and once more the bystanders realized that they were gazing at the beautiful Lady. The interview was brief. The Lady kept her promise to tell them who she was. She announced “I am the Lady of the Rosary”

Her face grew grave as she imparted her last message to the children. “People must amend their lives, ask pardon for their sins, and not offend Our Lord any more for He is already too greatly offended.”

As she took leave of the children she opened her hands, and from them rays of light extended in the direction of the sun. “There she goes! There she goes” shouted Lucy and her words found echo in a great cry of astonishment from the multitude, by now observing the first awe inspiring manifestations of the Miracle of the sun.

Gradually the sun grew pale, lost its normal color and appeared as a silver disk at which all could gaze directly without even shielding their eyes.

One of the few existing pictures of the miracle which was published by a Vatican newspaper.

Then, to the astonishment of all present, rays of multicolored light show out in every direction, red, blue, yellow, green – every color of the spectrum. Meanwhile, the very heavens seemed to be revolving as the sun spun madly on its axis like a gigantic wheel of fire, painting the rocks, the trees, the faces of the people, with sunshine such as the human eye had never seen. Three times it stopped and three times the mad dance was resumed.

Then, while the crowd went to its knees in abject terror, the sun suddenly seemed to be torn loos from its place in the heavens. Down it hurtled, closer and closer to earth, staggering drunkenly as it zigzagged through the skies while from all parts of the now terrified multitude arose cries of repentance and appeals for mercy.

“It’s the end of the world” shrieked one woman hysterically. “Dear God, don’t let me die in my sins,” cried another.

“Holy Virgin protect us,” implored a third.

Suddenly , as if arrested in its downward plunge by an invisible Heavenly hand, it poised for a moment and then, in the same series of swirling motions it began to climb upward till it resumed its accustomed place in the heavens. Gone was the silver disk with the brillian rays. It was once more a ball of fire at which nobody could look directly with unshaded eyes.

While people looked at one another, still trembling from their terrifying experience and not sure that some further disaster would not overtake them, a cry of astonishment was heard on every side. Their rain-sodden garments had suddenly dried and everybody felt comfortable and warm. It was a gracious material gesture on the part of the Blessed Mother, in the wake of the greatest miracle our generation has ever known.

Meanwhile, the children were seeing something else. They had been permitted to behold a vision of the Holy Family in a series of Heavenly tableaus. First there was Our Lord, as a grown man, dressed in red and blessing the multitude. Then He appeard as an infant, with St. Joseph and His Blessed Mother, and finally the Blessed Virgin appeared in the brown robes of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The first and last visions were seen by Lucy alone, Francisco and Jacinta being privileged to witness only the aparition of the Holy Family.

It was, indeed, of special significance for Lucy, who was later to become a Carmelite sister in the convent of Coimbra after fulfilling her Heaven sent assignment of giving to the world the urgent message of devotion to the Immaculate Heart.. John J. Delaney: Eight Great Appearances of Our Lady in Modern Times

A secret was given to the children by Our Lady. It was to be revealed in 1960 when “it would be clearer” This in the year 1917. 1960 passed by and Popes failed to give the message to the world, although there was much more to the messages than the following:

Our Lady asked that the vast country of Russia be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart by the Pope … in union with all the Bishops of the world. She promised that if this were done Russia would not spread her errors throughout the world (the intellectual disease of Communism)

Not much to ask! We could have avoided the horrors of these errors being spread throughout the earth … these errors and evil plans, which we hear so clearly coming from the mouthings of our politicians.

Russia, the seedbed of communism, has indeed spread her errors throughout the world.

It makes one sick !


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  1. Hi Mary Anne! Glad you liked it, and yes I did write it not any plagiarism here! It came from the heart and as I thought about the Blessed Mother! Sometimes that can happen; I once wrote a spontaneous Eulogy in 5 minutes as I was getting ready to head over to the Church for the Mass for a departed family member! I asked the priest who later became a good friend if I could read it to everyone, and he said of course. After I finished he stepped back to the podium and said, “Those were inspired words!” I was humbled and felt blessed!
    Of course thank you for liking these words, and asking; so without any concern be my quest and add it to your article!

    Thank you and this one is a very moving article. You got me meditating on Mother Mary!
    God bless you.

    Brother in Christ Jesus,

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