31/5: Queenship of Mary…Happy Feast! 

Remember ‘O Mary we Crown Thee with Blossoms Today’ ? Frank Patterson sings it so beautifully.

Catholic Truth


As the Month of Mary draws to a close with the celebration of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we reflect on this beautiful title of Our Lady. 

The hymn “Bring Flowers of the Rarest…” was traditionally sung in churches throughout the Month of Mary, not just on this Feast Day, and – in this way –  along with the several other “May hymns”, devotion to Our Lady was developed and deepened in young Catholic souls.  The memory still raises a smile when I think of the cheerful rendering (in my own parish) of “The Sun is Shining Brightly” while, in fact, it was pouring with rain outside! 

Thus, I can’t imagine the deprivation suffered today by young Catholics who are denied such devotions.  Indeed, it’s very sad to speak with young people who have attended Mass throughout the Month of Mary and not heard even one of…

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HR 2990: Historic Bill to Abolish the Federal Reserve

There is very good information in this article. The Federal Reserve does truly print money out of thin air and is a private banking system. Congress has the power to print money already. Abraham Lincoln tried it with ‘Lincoln greenbacks’ JFK tried it too. They were both assassinated.

The Most Revolutionary Act

In 2011, to address the failed US recovery, former Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) and Congressman John Conyers (D-Michigan) introduced HR2990, the National Emergency Employment Defense Act. The bill proposed to abolish the Federal Reserve system and end the ability of private banks to create money out of thin air.* If the bill had passed, it could have instantly ended all federal deficits and debt, while simultaneously providing trillions of dollars for vital infrastructure and restoring funding to states and local authorities for education, hospitals, clinics, housing, police, libraries and other programs cut after the 2008 economic crash.

The late Stephen Zarlenga, founder of the American Monetary Institute and co-author of the bill, always found it ironic that in 2008-2099 the US Treasury “printed” between $3-15 trillion of new money (aka quantitative easing) – as HR2990 proposes. However instead of spending this government-created money into the economy as HR2990 specifies, they…

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Behind The Bamboo Curtain At School in Communist China 1952 And ‘Critical Race Theory’

“We shall respect religious liberty in the market places, and, in the institutes of learning” spoke Mao Zedong to several hundred of his government associates in Beijing. This is only one of many bold faced lies used by the CCP from its beginning in order to infect the Chinese people with the disease of Communism.


” It is the year 1952, and, in a North China mission the Catholic students were interrogated by a commisar. A little girl of twelve was asked, “Where did you come from? ” She answered, “God made me.” The commissar was angry. “But that’s superstition” he said. “God didn’t make man. We all come from the monkey.”

“Maybe you came from the monkey” said the little girl, “but God made me.”

Heroism was required by the little ones … great amounts indeed!

Just how much heroism is required to hold out against the Red drive for the children’s minds is indicated by one foreign missioners report:

“The children are lured into the schools by candies and toys. They are educated here to hate their parents, and are systematically taught cruelty. In the second grade, the children get live dogs, cats and rabbits.

They are urged to tear these living animals to pieces, cutting their ears and tails, gouging out their eyes with knives.

In the third grade, a boy and a girl are locked together in a room alone to “overcome shyness”. Boys and girls sleep side by side at night in the dormitories.

At the medical examinations, boys and girls have to wait naked in the same room. Catholic girl students who dropped their heads in shame were sent away and punished..

Militant communism is all that counts in the schools today: other studies are not important.

One girl in Pieping asked for the death of her mother, because she had spoken out against communism. After her execution, the girl thanked the authorities for have killed “an enemy of China.”

For children were everywhere urged to “convert” their parents, and Communist newspapers published rules for doing so. The cleavage between the generations became constantly greater, and one missionary sadly reported, “with one stroke of evil genius, the regime has cut away the two pillars that supported Catholic training: the family and the school. ”

From: God’s Underground in Asia by Gretta Palmer 1953

Some children, whose parents have managed to save, by belonging to the Chinese underground Church, retain the virtues of their human nature with the Sanctifying grace obtained by Catholic Sacraments. There are others who have managed to stay under the radar too. Their lives, all of them, are lived hidden under the evil shadows of Communist philosophy which carries threats of jail, torture, or even a death penalty for a word spoken against the government and carried along to same by a snitcher!

America now fights for a patriotic school system, which had been ordered by former President Trump.

The American powers that be, the Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris administration have ruled from their thrones that ‘Critical Race Theory’ will be the way American children will be brought along.

Critical Race Theory, the subject matter being introduced into American schools, is a stepping stone to the childs’ mind. It is the initiation of hatred for their fellow human beings rather than lighting their little personalities with love and kindness.

How clever this evil is ! It is the ‘seeds’ of Communism. the same as the Communists used in 1952.

Most likely taught to those men who now bedevil us.

Call them products of Critical Race Theory teaching!

NEW INTERVIEW: Archbishop Viganò discusses the Great Reset, gives hope in light of Our Lady of Fatima — Zero Lift-Off

life site news – newest interview with Archbishop Vigano

“This infernal alliance is meant to lead to the establishment of the New Order and the advent of the Antichrist”

NEW INTERVIEW: Archbishop Viganò discusses the Great Reset, gives hope in light of Our Lady of Fatima — Zero Lift-Off

New Look at The Astonishing Miracle of Fatima

The crowd of 70,000 souls were becoming impatient. They had traveled far, and, had slept on the ground because three shepherd children had announced there would be a great miracle. The press waited with cameras loaded to go. The rain was coming down in furious sheets and the mud was making a quagmire out of the ground. Suddenly …

Lucy exclaimed: “Kneel down, Jacinta, for now I see Our Lady.”

There it was, the familiar flash that heralded the appearance of the Heavenly visitor. The faces of the children assumed an ecstatic expression, and once more the bystanders realized that they were gazing at the beautiful Lady. The interview was brief. The Lady kept her promise to tell them who she was. She announced “I am the Lady of the Rosary”

Her face grew grave as she imparted her last message to the children. “People must amend their lives, ask pardon for their sins, and not offend Our Lord any more for He is already too greatly offended.”

As she took leave of the children she opened her hands, and from them rays of light extended in the direction of the sun. “There she goes! There she goes” shouted Lucy and her words found echo in a great cry of astonishment from the multitude, by now observing the first awe inspiring manifestations of the Miracle of the sun.

Gradually the sun grew pale, lost its normal color and appeared as a silver disk at which all could gaze directly without even shielding their eyes.

One of the few existing pictures of the miracle which was published by a Vatican newspaper.

Then, to the astonishment of all present, rays of multicolored light show out in every direction, red, blue, yellow, green – every color of the spectrum. Meanwhile, the very heavens seemed to be revolving as the sun spun madly on its axis like a gigantic wheel of fire, painting the rocks, the trees, the faces of the people, with sunshine such as the human eye had never seen. Three times it stopped and three times the mad dance was resumed.

Then, while the crowd went to its knees in abject terror, the sun suddenly seemed to be torn loos from its place in the heavens. Down it hurtled, closer and closer to earth, staggering drunkenly as it zigzagged through the skies while from all parts of the now terrified multitude arose cries of repentance and appeals for mercy.

“It’s the end of the world” shrieked one woman hysterically. “Dear God, don’t let me die in my sins,” cried another.

“Holy Virgin protect us,” implored a third.

Suddenly , as if arrested in its downward plunge by an invisible Heavenly hand, it poised for a moment and then, in the same series of swirling motions it began to climb upward till it resumed its accustomed place in the heavens. Gone was the silver disk with the brillian rays. It was once more a ball of fire at which nobody could look directly with unshaded eyes.

While people looked at one another, still trembling from their terrifying experience and not sure that some further disaster would not overtake them, a cry of astonishment was heard on every side. Their rain-sodden garments had suddenly dried and everybody felt comfortable and warm. It was a gracious material gesture on the part of the Blessed Mother, in the wake of the greatest miracle our generation has ever known.

Meanwhile, the children were seeing something else. They had been permitted to behold a vision of the Holy Family in a series of Heavenly tableaus. First there was Our Lord, as a grown man, dressed in red and blessing the multitude. Then He appeard as an infant, with St. Joseph and His Blessed Mother, and finally the Blessed Virgin appeared in the brown robes of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The first and last visions were seen by Lucy alone, Francisco and Jacinta being privileged to witness only the aparition of the Holy Family.

It was, indeed, of special significance for Lucy, who was later to become a Carmelite sister in the convent of Coimbra after fulfilling her Heaven sent assignment of giving to the world the urgent message of devotion to the Immaculate Heart.. John J. Delaney: Eight Great Appearances of Our Lady in Modern Times

A secret was given to the children by Our Lady. It was to be revealed in 1960 when “it would be clearer” This in the year 1917. 1960 passed by and Popes failed to give the message to the world, although there was much more to the messages than the following:

Our Lady asked that the vast country of Russia be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart by the Pope … in union with all the Bishops of the world. She promised that if this were done Russia would not spread her errors throughout the world (the intellectual disease of Communism)

Not much to ask! We could have avoided the horrors of these errors being spread throughout the earth … these errors and evil plans, which we hear so clearly coming from the mouthings of our politicians.

Russia, the seedbed of communism, has indeed spread her errors throughout the world.

It makes one sick !


TransGenderism and Heart Ache

Dr. Miraslav Djordjevic, world leading genital re-constructionist : “the number of reversal patients continue to grow.”

Kiley Crossland 10/06/17   World Digital Assistant Editor:  Reports on Marriage, Family, Sexuality

In an interview with The Telegraph of London Professor Miroslav Djordjevic lamented the lack of research on transgender people changing their minds and undergoing surgery reversal.  He splits his time between New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital and his clinic in Belgrade, Serbia.  Doctor Djordjevic is a world leading genital reconstructionist surgeon.  He is an Assistant Professor of Urology at the University of Belgrade, Serbia  (wikipedia)

“The number of reversal patients has continued to grow”  In 2012, Dr. Djordjevic had “two patients completing reversals” and six prospective patients”

According to Djordjevic, some patients report crippling depression and suicidal ideation after their reassignment surgery.”

So far, all of his reversal patients have been adult transgender people who want to restore their male genitalia.

Djordjevic said he fears one major problem is that some clinics are just out for financial…

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