HR 2990: Historic Bill to Abolish the Federal Reserve

There is very good information in this article. The Federal Reserve does truly print money out of thin air and is a private banking system. Congress has the power to print money already. Abraham Lincoln tried it with ‘Lincoln greenbacks’ JFK tried it too. They were both assassinated.

The Most Revolutionary Act

In 2011, to address the failed US recovery, former Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) and Congressman John Conyers (D-Michigan) introduced HR2990, the National Emergency Employment Defense Act. The bill proposed to abolish the Federal Reserve system and end the ability of private banks to create money out of thin air.* If the bill had passed, it could have instantly ended all federal deficits and debt, while simultaneously providing trillions of dollars for vital infrastructure and restoring funding to states and local authorities for education, hospitals, clinics, housing, police, libraries and other programs cut after the 2008 economic crash.

The late Stephen Zarlenga, founder of the American Monetary Institute and co-author of the bill, always found it ironic that in 2008-2099 the US Treasury “printed” between $3-15 trillion of new money (aka quantitative easing) – as HR2990 proposes. However instead of spending this government-created money into the economy as HR2990 specifies, they…

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TransGenderism and Heart Ache

Dr. Miraslav Djordjevic, world leading genital re-constructionist : “the number of reversal patients continue to grow.”


Kiley Crossland 10/06/17   World Digital Assistant Editor:  Reports on Marriage, Family, Sexuality

In an interview with The Telegraph of London Professor Miroslav Djordjevic lamented the lack of research on transgender people changing their minds and undergoing surgery reversal.  He splits his time between New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital and his clinic in Belgrade, Serbia.  Doctor Djordjevic is a world leading genital reconstructionist surgeon.  He is an Assistant Professor of Urology at the University of Belgrade, Serbia  (wikipedia)

“The number of reversal patients has continued to grow”  In 2012, Dr. Djordjevic had “two patients completing reversals” and six prospective patients”

According to Djordjevic, some patients report crippling depression and suicidal ideation after their reassignment surgery.”

So far, all of his reversal patients have been adult transgender people who want to restore their male genitalia.

Djordjevic said he fears one major problem is that some clinics are just out for financial…

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The Tears of Saint Monica

Here I learned so much about the Manichean beliefs. Contrasted with the beautiful words of St. Augustine who saw through them, it was an awesome read. Thank you for this post.

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Patron saint of abuse victims, invoked for conversion of family members and loved ones, difficult marriages and disappointing children.

St Monica by Benozzo Gozzoli, (1464-65)

FEAST DAY 3rd MAY (Traditional calendar)

All mothers can relate to St Monica. Even if we don’t have a wayward son who says, “Lord make me chaste, but not yet”, (Confessions 8,7), we can understand her desperate concern for her son’s moral and spiritual well-being.

She was a Berber woman, a devout Catholic, born in 331 AD and married to a pagan man, Patricius, who was abusive and materialistic. When Augustine was a young child, he became ill to the point of near death and St Monica managed to persuade her husband to allow his baptism into the Catholic faith. Augustine, however, grew into a wayward young man, stealing and cheating and indulging in sexual hedonism. He journeyed to Carthage, studied law and rhetoric, and…

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