Evangeline: A Sign of Hope

This little piece is beauty for your soul . How I need to look at … and hear… beautiful things. It is a little light in the darkness. It picks me up. Thanks Jacinta!

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I became an Aunt for the second time on March 26th, 2021.

Her parents named her Evangeline. But they didn’t know about the Acadians and their love for a woman in a legend named, Evangeline. (My Dad is also a descendant of the Acadians.) Evangeline is, and has been a huge symbol of hope and, as this song says,

“Your name is more than Acadia, more than the hope of a homeland, Your name crosses borders, Your name is the name of all those that although they are unhappy believe in love and hope.”

This really really hit me hard, considering the times we are living in today. There is always hope, in Christ, we cannot give up.

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2 thoughts on “Evangeline: A Sign of Hope

  1. It reminds me of why I named my daughter, Hope. I opened the bible looking for a sign and read St Paul’s letter to Timothy wherein I found the word. To became her name as I said that she would be a sign of hope for the world. She is now almost 21- and so far, she is.


    1. Hope! What a beautiful name it is. The second bead of the first three on the rosary chain is said for hope. The first three are said for Faith, Hope, and Charity. Check me if I’m wrong … probably old…🙋🏻

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