One thought on “BREAKING: CNN Paid Antifa Agitator at Capitol Riots — Now We’ve Got Receipts to Prove It

  1. Hi Mary Anne…The FBI and DHS should be all over this and have every possible bit of information that will clearly prove there was a coordinated orchestrated effort on the part of at least these Fraud News people of CNN and NBC along with potentially I suspect certain Dem political interests right in the House and Senate along with other Deep State operatives! I thought much of this actually the day it happened and especially when I watched the video of Ashli Babbitt being executed at point blank range which I knew had to have been staged as she was coaxed to climb over that doorway that was blocked! I also surmised on the day it happened that with the amount of security the Nation’s Capital has there was no way this could have gotten as far as it did without some inside help or enabling and staging; these protesters of the Election would have been suppressed long before being to that point where Ashli and her friends would be in a situation like that; and there wouldn’t be any need for a Capital Police Officer to kill anyone at that point, especially an unarmed woman climbing over some obstruction in a doorway; all so tacky and shading looking from the get goes! Wouldn’t it have been nice if as much attention were given with massive interest by all the media and authorities like there had been for the George Floyd death by the Police officer!

    I do have faith in God but not in men at all these days for a variety of personal reasons; but, my hope is if just enough good decent people won’t let go of this and will make sure all the truth and facts be exposed to the light of day and then prosecutions actually take place all the way to final verdicts; then we have a great shot at seeing Justice served in this whole horrible mess. I’d love to see all those responsible for this travesty locked in prison; then we may see a shift toward normalcy in our society! Right now the way things are it’s more about the power of corrupt politics that rules, like in some Banana Republics south of the US border!
    Thank you for this update!


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