One thought on “WATCH: Sidney Powell Is Back… Calls For SCOTUS To Remove Biden | Populist Press 2021 ©

  1. Hi Mary Anne…this could literally be the “Hail Mary Pass” of all time, because as you know the Constitution via the SCOTUS does provide for just such a conflict and breakdown in the General Election Process where legitimate controversy arises indicating a breach in this process or any outright fraud! I believe there has been overwhelming evidence of fraud and cover-up to put the brakes on this fraudulent Biden Installation as POTUS and definitely remove him from the office! Just the fact that there was so much resistance after the Election by the Dem party, to allow a comprehensive recount forensic audit of all legal votes, says a lot about the nefarious character and markings of the overall Election, and points directly to the Dem party and Establishment Deep State as perpetrators of a colossal crime caper; the likes of which had never been seen before in America; but yet, we all witnessed such being conducted right in front of our eyes! This fraud did involve foreign countries namely China and Iran, along with some interaction of some kind at the Vatican, Germany and others from what I gather; but I see the corruption being so great and overwhelming; I do wonder if our Supreme Court Justices will be 100% brave and forthright enough to deal directly with this 800 pound gorilla face to face being Heroes, and set the record and Nation straight? I’ll be praying that God is now going to step in directly to undo this travesty of injustice to America and its citizens; so that the evil which is already taking hold of our Nation can be stopped dead in its tracks!!!
    God bless America and our True, Good Faithful Leaders along with the SCOTUS and its Justices! Amen.

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