VIDEO Bill Gates, Eugenics, Depopulation, NWO, Pandemic

The videos and information in this article give a clear trumpet call for us to wake up and recognize the evil of depopulation for what it is. It’s real. It’s not going away. Our children and our elderly are targeted for extinction!! Hitlers ideology of eugenics has arisen and is alive and well …in the new Socialism we live under.


BILL GATES is always crying about those who are critical of him. He actually wanted criticism of him to be declared illegal. There are a lot of very powerful forces behind him and everything that he is doing. They are doing a great job of censoring everyone who speaks the TRUTH about Bill Gates. The thing is, most of us only post what we find in his own press releases, product documentation or patents. Or, we quote his OWN WORDS from his interviews, Ted Talks or other conversations he makes public. We don’t make stuff up… WE don’t have to. Speaking the TRUTH is all it takes to show HIM for who HE IS. Nobody is attacking him without cause. No groups are conspiring against him. Just individuals, spreading the TRUTH.

If people were just making things up, the lies would have no weight/no teeth so to speak. They would…

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