Communism is Treason!

Sixty years ago Pres. Dwight D Eisenhower signed the Communist Control Act into law. It has been ignored. That tells a lot about our leaders, does it not? Read on …


  by zeev1776

August 24 marks sixty-six years since President Eisenhower signed the Communist Control Act into law. Controlled press outlets from theNew York Timesto theWall Street Journalexcoriated the Act when it passed Congress, powerful think tanks and lobbying groups rose up in protest, and it was ultimately never enforced except in a handful of cases. I contend that expanding the Communist Control Act’s scope and power, and then strictly enforcing it in order to criminalize communism, is the only way America will survive the coming cataclysm planned by the enemies among us. The war cry of every patriotic American must become:Communism is treason; death to communism!


The Communist Control Act of 1954 outlawed the Communist Party USA and listed several important reasons why drastic action was needed to root out the communist conspiracy. The relevant portion of the legislation reads:

“The Congress hereby finds…

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