VIDEO Insurrection Act…Appears To Have To Have Been Issued Jan 6, 2021

wow ! I heard him say these exact words that day and remember briefly thinking that it didn’t sound like something that our President would say … I mean it sounded like he was reading a script. He needs our prayers … the swamp is pretty rotten as he gets to the bottom. They won’t like this news.


the marshall report

With all the positive excitement of attending a Trump Event to have their voices heard, in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, Trump supporters filled the designated space to listen to their President. He was late getting started and went a little longer than expected and all of the people waiting for instructions on where to go next, of which the President told them all to follow the secret service to the Capitol Building, and he would meet them over there and tell them all the list of proof he had pertaining to voter fraud. That was the plan. So as the people followed behind the secret service they heard some “booms” and sirens, and noticed emergency vehicles headed toward the capitol.

Trump’s group was making their way to the capitol and within a very short length of time, there was a public announcement made by the…

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