Top 10 Trump accomplishments of 2020


There’s a ‘method to his madness’ that’s ‘historic’

[Editor’s note: This story originally was published byReal Clear Politics.]

By Steve Cortes
Real Clear Politics

This year has been dominated by the pain and suffering thrust upon the globe by the criminal acts of the Chinese Communist Party. Even amid these harsh challenges, President Trump persevered to reach historic achievements. Therefore, as the year draws to its conclusion, it is worth detailing his 2020 accomplishments, as I have previously catalogued for each of thelastthreeyears.

  1. The Vaccine. Millions of Americans have begun the process of inoculation, leading to an eventual reality where COVID-19 becomes a bad memory. The speed of this achievement defied skeptics and amazed scientists everywhere. Along with the brilliant government researchers and innovative private sector pharmaceutical companies, President Trump deserves enormous credit for his inspiring leadership of Operation Warp Speed.

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