7 thoughts on “Scott Adams: The computer nerds found the ‘Kraken’ — ‘Looks like Trump won

  1. @larry trasciatti
    Not at all stuck; but Biden will be stuck in Prison I believe! He even spoke out before the election saying we’ve devised a perfect means to rig an election and also said I don’t need you votes! This is fraud reaching the level of Treason, Espionage and Insurrection via an Election Coup d’ etat! Can’t fly having a criminal candidate installed as president under such conditions as it would be a failed state or basically a dictatorship with no actual real election having voiced the choice of the People! No way! If that happens by some remote insane chance; you will see a Civil War like you never imagined!

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    1. Anyone still holding out hope is completely deceived as to how much power the media, tech companies and the zeitgeist of the age holds at this point in history.
      “Even if one should return from the dead, they still would bit believe”.
      I’d certainly love to be wrong but wilfull blindness is an incurable disease.


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