The Saints of Wuhan: Isolation, Suffering, and the Breath of Faith

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Detail from print of the Vincentian martyr of Wuchang District in Wuhan, St. Jean-Gabriel Perboyre, CM. Source: Archives of the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians), Paris, France.

Note: This account of the Catholic martyr saints who died in the Wuchang district of Wuhan, China, was delivered after the Holy Mass offered by Bishop Thomas Daly at the Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral, Spokane, WA.  Divine Mercy Sunday, 19 April 2020; it was originally posted at Catholic World Reporton that same day:

Providence often carries us in unexpected directions. When I was in Wuhan, China, some time ago conducting research on the martyr saints of that area, I was certain that almost no one from my native U.S. had ever heard of Wuhan, and I also thought that they never would hear of Wuhan. I was wrong. “Wuhan” is now in the common lexicon of nearly every person on…

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