Sidney Powell wants ALL voting machines impounded, examined


What ‘needs’ to happen is a special prosecutor, says famed attorney

Sidney Powell (Video screenshot)

Every voting machine used in the 2020 election should be impounded and analyzed, contends attorney Sidney Powell.

She said in aninterview with the Epoch Timesthat there’s enough probable cause to support that move. And she believes President Trumpcould use his 2018 executive order on interference in electionsto make sure it happens.

Powell, who has filed numerous 2020 election court challenges, charges Dominion voting machines counted every Biden vote at a value of 1.25 while diminishing the value of Trump votes to .75.

“So they flip 25% of the votes for Biden automatically, every vote count. Instead of a vote counting as one, which is all a vote should ever count as—one man, one vote. That’s our standard, long held rule; the only way it can work in a democratic republic,” she…

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