VIDEO Gleeful Bill Gates, Keep Restaurants and Bars Closed for Six Months, Allow Slow Return to New Normal Activity in 2022

Yes, it’s all about control! The wielding of wealth and power by the elite to smash the ‘small’ … so called ‘the masses’ … an insulting term to apply to human beings.


December 13, 2020bysundance

The technocrats of modern globalism have a way of carrying inappropriate gleefulness as they laugh, smile and pontificate their detachment from life under their control.

Thus the ever present smirk, smile and laughter from Bill Gates as he describes how workers on Main Street USA must accept their economic destruction as part of their larger responsibility to the global community. Don’t forget to wash your hands as you plate the Golden Sushi containing edible gold-leaf and precious pearls. Smiles everyone, smiles.

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