List of CCP Members Embedded Within Multinational Organizations is Released

Does the world know how perverted this Chinese doctrine is? Only those who have lived through it know apparently … if they are still alive. A regime which punishes ‘prisoners of conscience’ (muslims, catholics, etc.) by executing them and selling their organs can not be tolerated by those who are sane.


December 13, 2020bysundance

The Rebel Alliance is an international rag-tag team of liberty-minded patriots who are fighting the infiltration of weaponized corporate and political power against the core tenets of human freedom….

Today, a veryconsequential leakof almost two million Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members was released. Each of the people on the list are embedded within a network of multinational corporations and institutions around the globe. The CCP members are in senior ranks at all of the major multinational organizations with access to intellectual property, information technology and security. The multinationals are intentionally allowing CCP infiltration; none of this is happening by mistake.

The massive data-file [Download Here w/ Caution] was offered to all major international journalists and media organizations. All of the major U.S. media outlets did not want the data. As a consequence, media outlets withinAustraliaand theU.K. are…

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