VIDEO Army/Navy Crowd Roars So Loudly For President Trump They Shook The Very Core of This Nation – Dems and RINOS Would If we will just go away – No More Mister Nice Guy


This crowd of patriots, like all of America, knows who the REAL President-Elect is…


In case you were wondering how the country feels about their President, and the REAL President-elect…they love and support him.

That’s the very clear message that the crowd at today’s Army/Navy game sent to President Trump and the world when they cheered so loud, they shook the very core of this nation.

In what can only be called a massive F-YOU to Biden, Dems, SCOTUS, and GOP RINOs, the crowd went wild for Trump, roaring like a massive red wave, and chanting, “USA, USA.”

It was quite a moment and quite a message – is everyone listening?

You can watch the videos below:

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