Voices Crying From the Tomb – The White Rose Leaflets

Will Socialism come to America? It is at the door!


” The Nazis, aka National Socialists, (Nationalsozialische Deutische) are known primarily for their slaughter of the Jews in Europe.  However, they also crushed anyone daring to voice any sort of opposition to their regime, including “pure blooded Germans” who dared to open their mouths …   www.katjasdacha/whiterose/index.download 22.jpg

Such were Hans and Sophie Scholl, and their young friends.  Calling themselves The White Rose Organization,  they distributed leaflets of the same name, throughout Germany.  Leaflets which they wrote and printed … leaflets which resisted National Socialism (Nationalsozialismus).

On February 22, 1943 they were arrested by the Gestapo.  Within hours they were tried and sentenced to death by guillotine.

They were beheaded within hours by executioner Johann Reichart in Munichs Stadelheim Prison.

The words springing to the eyes from their leaflets travel straight to the heart.  How they must have shone hope upon a beleaguered population as they  condemned the madness which had descended…

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3 thoughts on “Voices Crying From the Tomb – The White Rose Leaflets

  1. Quite horrific how a group of hell-bent power mongers who were caught up in an ideology spawned from hell itself in my view, took such innocent loving human souls and not only persecuted them for their personal viewpoint but murdered them to use them as a fear provoking instrument among the masses, during that hellish time period when Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich campaign being pushed throughout Europe; was in its frenzied mode of annihilation of anyone that resisted it.
    I do see a parallel here with what is happening presently in our current global geopolitics in that there are many Hitler’s on earth now; looking for the appropriate vehicle and timing to make their move to conquer and subdue the entire human race making them slaves, but, behind all of this is Satan with his Antichrist waiting in the wings to take his position as the king of this world and call himself God! All of this also tells me that time is running out for those who are any of the lost sheep, and, they had better turn to God the Father through Jesus Christ quickly; before the window of opportunity closes and they are lost forever.
    God bless.
    Bother in Christ,
    Lawrence Morra III


    1. An awesome summary and understanding of the situation is evident in your answer. Not only did he sentence these young college students to death by guillotine, he refused their weeping mother, who was in the courtroom, to retract. Der Fuerer was not there in the courtroom, it was the judge. In addition, there was a young movie star helping them and he was set free “for other reasons” I add this to demonstrate how all were lured into the idology of naziism at this point in time. It was done the same as Communism is doing in the USA. A little at a time. The childrens leaflets were dropped out of bombers all over Germany at the end of the war.


      1. Glad to be of assistance and we must remember, “THOSE THAT DON’T LEARN FROM HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEATING IT.” We are clearly under a multi-pronged attack today which in some ways parallels this time period you presented here but with the advent of High-tech Digital Systems now in place around the globe accompanied by Artificial Intelligence which to me is a piece of what humans are in the simplistic material sense of mind, but possessing exceedingly more abundant computational speed than people while totally lacking any true humanity or that spark of God’s love that was infused in mankind when He our Creator made us in His image and provided each of us with an immortal soul. Our current time period has similar nefarious characters running rampant orchestrating their ulterior motives or designs with key minions like a Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg while simultaneously a Xi Jinping prepares a massive communist nation to conquer; all of which can bring on havoc exponentially far worse and more completely than anything that occurred back in WWII, via the propaganda war. This is the proverbial slippery slope to hell for planet earth now in which we can see the most unprecedented of circumstances along with Biblical Prophecy unfolding before our very eyes! To me this is all very sad and scary, while at the same time beautiful and hopeful; because its absolute confirmation of our Lord’s presence in our lives throughout the history of mankind which now is culminating and has brought us to the precipice, requiring the Second Coming; which will be the answer to all the prayers of the faithful as God’s Holy Scriptures are fulfilled. Amen.


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