“Dozens” of House members to challenge Electoral College results on Jan. 6 – Join Sen Josh Hawley


December 31, 2020 by:Ethan Huff

Image: “Dozens” of House members to challenge Electoral College results on Jan. 6

(Natural News) Now that they are finished stealing trillions of American tax dollars and sending it as foreign aid to places like Israel and Pakistan – all the while allotting you a measly $600 for Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “relief” – Congress, or at least some members of it, aregearing upto challenge the Electoral College vote on Jan. 6.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) and “dozens” of other House members are reportedly eager to sponsor an effort aimed at overturning the Electoral College vote – which, if successful, would keep President Donald Trump in the White House for another four years.

“There are dozens in the House of Representatives who have reached the conclusion that I have,” Brooks is quoted as saying toFox News. “We’re going to sponsor and co-sponsor objections to the Electoral College vote returns.”

In order for…

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Pennsylvania certified more than 200,000 fraudulent votes


December 31, 2020 by: Ethan Huff

Image: Former Senate candidate calls on Trump to form military tribunal to look into foreign election interference

Image: Pennsylvania certified more than 200,000 fraudulent votes

(Natural News) The Pennsylvania Househas confirmedthat more than 200,000 votes counted in the state’s 2020 election – roughly twice the difference between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump’s respective totals – were fraudulent.

Rep. Russ Diamond, a Republican, is credited with making the discovery and going public with it. In a nutshell, he found that the total number of registered votes cast in Pennsylvania was more than 200,000 beyond the total number of people who actually voted.

Rep. Diamond and his colleagues performed an extensive analysis of the election day data, revealing what news reports describe as “troubling discrepancies” between the official vote count totals and the number of people who legitimately voted.

What this means, of course, is that Sec. of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar and Gov. Tom Wolf are both guilty of overseeing and certifying a fraudulent election…

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VIDEO LIVE Hack – Situation Update, Dec. 31st – Game-changing bombshells to be unveiled before Congress on Jan 6 – Dominion Voting Equipment, and Internal Data, Hacked Live During Georgia Senate Hearing


December 31, 2020 by: Mike Adams

Image: Situation Update, Dec. 31st – Game-changing bombshells to be unveiled before Congress on January 6

(Natural News) In today’s Situation Update for Dec. 31st, we reveal Trump’s plan to unleash bombshell evidence in front of Congress on January 6th, right before Congress votes on which slate of electors to accept. The full podcast is embedded below.

Because of the New Year’s Eve holiday, this update is shorter than most (just 21 minutes), but it packs in a lot of detail about what’s happening:

  • Dominion machines LIVE HACKED during the Georgia Senate hearings on election irregularities, proving that all Dominion-run elections were fraudulent and uncertifiable. (This also proves the Dominion CEO lied during his own recent testimony.)
  • All those officials (governors, secretaries of state, etc.) who certified elections based on Dominion machines are now complicit in a massive criminal fraud operation and can be arrested and charged with sedition and fraud.
  • Georgia State Senate Judiciary Subcommittee unanimously passes…

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VIDEO “Let’s Roll America” – John Spiropoulos Reports from Huntington Beach MAGA Rally, En Route to Washington DC


December 29, 2020bySundance

Our good friend John Spiropoulos departs today for a multi-state tour en route to Washington DC for theJanuary 6th MAGA rally. CTH will be sharing videos of John’s travels along the way.

Prior to departing forTheTrumpMarch.comrally January 6 in DC, John stopped to speak with patriots who gathered in a rain storm in Huntington Beach, California. John files two video reports from the California event:

You can support John at hisGoFundMe-Here, as he travels throughArizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee and Virginia. Also any CTH member who would like the opportunity to meet up with John for his video segments can contact him via his email address:Spirovideo@aol.com

The second segment with rally attendee,Pastor Tim Thompson, isbelow:

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The Saints of Wuhan: Isolation, Suffering, and the Breath of Faith

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Detail from print of the Vincentian martyr of Wuchang District in Wuhan, St. Jean-Gabriel Perboyre, CM. Source: Archives of the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians), Paris, France.

Note: This account of the Catholic martyr saints who died in the Wuchang district of Wuhan, China, was delivered after the Holy Mass offered by Bishop Thomas Daly at the Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral, Spokane, WA.  Divine Mercy Sunday, 19 April 2020; it was originally posted at Catholic World Reporton that same day:

Providence often carries us in unexpected directions. When I was in Wuhan, China, some time ago conducting research on the martyr saints of that area, I was certain that almost no one from my native U.S. had ever heard of Wuhan, and I also thought that they never would hear of Wuhan. I was wrong. “Wuhan” is now in the common lexicon of nearly every person on…

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Communist China: Jailed for doing God’s will?

Chinese lockdown: Welding peoples doors shut from the outside! Is this worldwide ‘lockdown’ really because of a pandemic? Or is it the globalists … who are heavily influenced with Communist ideology … manner of establishing obedience of the ‘masses’ to a New World Order? Read on to see how Communism messes with the mind by abuses to the body of poor helpless citizens by locking them in their homes with no one to care.


Wuhan, China, COVID-19’s epicentre
Credit: AndrewHorne/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

On Dec. 28, 2020, China’s despotic communist regime sentenced a young woman, Zhang Zhan, 37, to four years in prison for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” in the communist regime.

Zhan, a former lawyer, was working as a citizen journalist when she went to Wuhan, China in February 2020 to report on the COVID-19 pandemic that had broken out in the city. She shared videos showing empty streets and packed hospitals to reveal the full extent of the crisis that was taking place.

In some of her videos, she criticized the communist regime’s attempts to silence whistleblowers and as well its harsh lock down that included welding the doors of people’s home shut and sealing their windows with metal bars so they couldn’t escape.

In one of her last videos Zhan reported “The government’s way of managing this city has just been…

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Radio Host Releases Recordings Of Man Claiming To Be DOD Official With Sworn Affidavits Where He Allegedly Admits Plane Offloaded Illegal Ballots In AZ — Clinton Ma Tea Party

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is radio-host-release-documents-videos-photos-and-audio-recordings-that-allegedly-prove-illegal.jpg

Radio Host Release Recordings Of Man Claiming To Be DOD Official With Sworn Affidavits Where He Allegedly Admits Plane Offloaded Illegal Ballots In AZ

Radio Host Releases Recordings Of Man Claiming To Be DOD Official With Sworn Affidavits Where He Allegedly Admits Plane Offloaded Illegal Ballots In AZ — Clinton Ma Tea Party

Dominion Voting Machines Are Related to Smartmatic/Sequoia Machines and They Do Have Functionality to Switch Votes Between Candidates


Joe Hoft

Of course, Dominion is related to Smartmatic and Sequoia machines.

Why are they denying this?

A thread on Twitter shows all the relationships with Dominion and Smartmatic/Sequoia:

The Fake News loves to say there is no connection between Smartmatic/Sequoia & Dominion voting machines.

TRENDING:Mathematician Bobby Piton Finds More Than 500,000 Unique Last Names in Pennsylvania: ‘Sophisticated State Actor Was Able to Optimize Desired Outcome’

In 2010 Dominion executive Eric Coomer attended a meeting with the California Secretary of State. He was there working for Sequoia –

Of course, someone is not being quite honest.

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