Andrea Romano: Those who disagree with the Vaccination program must be silenced!

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Summary in English: There will be a massive organized program of vaccination throughout Italy, using the civil protection and the army. All will have to submit to the program. There will not be any ideological debate. We will use more than 1 vaccine, Pfizer and others. He says we must not allow any leeway for failure.

“But it will be even more important to fight against the anti-Vaccine party.” “Those who are opposed to vaccines must be shut up. Do not even give them the right to speak!”

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One thought on “Andrea Romano: Those who disagree with the Vaccination program must be silenced!

  1. This forcing of vaccinations upon the public in some locales is absolutely horrendous and unconscionable! I say this in light of the facts that have become quite apparent which indicate that the Wuhan Corona Virus is less virulent than the annual flu strains, it having nearly a 99.9 % survival rate; while the annual flu has infected the public for my entire life and do we get forced to take the flu vaccine? Of course we don’t, it’s always offered as voluntary with no negative repercussions for those who decline it; and some people accept it and others don’t; I’m one who never gets the flu vaccine and do quite well living sensibly and maintaining a healthy diet while using a holistic approach taking my special tea concoctions when I feel any cold coming on or feel ill in any way that trigger and boost my auto immune system which is what God gave us to deal with life on earth living as social beings, just like any other herd animals developing immunity as we go; which makes us stronger to ward off illnesses. That’s just the name of the tune and there is no panacea or magic bullet, wand or device that gives us any manmade bubble of protection from living in a dangerous world of built-in conflict! Science is a tool and that’s all it is, but, we should not worship it or give it some mystical power to watch over us and protect us from the evils and imperfections of this life here as fallen children of God! We live and we must die, that is the basic equation, but if we follow Jesus Christ and carry our crosses we are going to achieve the best thing possible and that will be everlasting life with our Maker or in other words as you know we can join our heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in heaven having eternal peace and life! We can easily surmise that there is a lot more than meets the eye with all of this sudden vaccination movement or race to inoculate all humans on earth and all of it is sinister. We can be certain that names like Gates, Fauci, Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller, The Chinese CCP and many other such diabolical minded people are involved!
    It would serve us well to remember that all governments are run by people and many of them are crooked, corrupted and even sinister in their motives or agendas; not actually giving a hoot about the multitudes they see beneath them! Very warped depraved souls in many cases!

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