De Mattei: The Safest Vaccine Against The Coronavirus

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 Roberto de Mattei


November 24, 2020

From Rorate Caeli:

Over the last few weeks several of the world’s most important pharmaceutical companies have announced the imminent production of vaccines against Covid 19.  Commenting on this news, an esteemed Italian virologist, Professor Andrea Crisanti, issued a statement of supreme common sense. In response to the question whether he would take the vaccine or not, he replied: “Normally it takes about five to eight years to produce a vaccine. For this, without available data, I wouldn’t take the first vaccine that should be arriving in January. I’d like to be sure that this vaccine has been tested properly and that it satisfies the safety and efficacy criterion. As a citizen I have this right and I’m not willing to accept shortcuts.”

It is an answer of complete common sense, sound, for that matter, with the principle of precaution, invoked…

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One thought on “De Mattei: The Safest Vaccine Against The Coronavirus

  1. Hello Mary Anne,
    I’ve wondered what was up today. So much so that I scanned the list of Saints for the day on two different sites (neither of which mentioned anything about the Miraculous Medal commemoration being today).
    Some days just feel different in a Spiritual sense and today was one of those days.
    Now I know why…and thank you for bringing it to my attention (and also again for your gift of the medals to me).
    I’ve yet to find an appropriate men’s chain to wear the medal around my neck but have one attached to my rosary and others in different spots in my apartment.
    I hope to send one to my adult daughter Sarah, who was born outside the Faith.
    She said recently that she’s been feeling drawn to Christ, but I’m aware The Church has no real place in her heart as of yet.
    Perhaps Grace from Our Lady through the Sacramental of Her Miraculous medal can overcome some time of the barriers erected by various scandals within the Church, both past and present. Scandals that have made The Church an institution of derision rather than one to whom many feel drawn in these dark times.

    At any rate, thank you again Mary Anne and may God Bless you for your Faithful devotion.


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