Christian Leader Who Saw God Working Through Trump in 2016 Sees Different Kind of Victory in 2020

Yes, I do believe that God is with this President. He is Lion Hearted !


by Randy DeSoto

Noted Christian speaker Lance Wallnau, who prophesied a win for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, sees him winning a second term, but believes the Supreme Court will likely play a decisive role in the final outcome.

Wallnau predicted a Trump win in anarticlefor Charisma Magazine, published Oct. 5, 2016, titled, “Why I Believe Trump is the Prophesied President.”

USA Today later featured him in astoryabout “the evangelicals who prophesied a Trump win.”

In the 2020 election,Wallnausees God’s providence in play in the elevation ofAmy Coney Barrettto the high court.

“I think God is playing chess,” he told The Western Journal following a large Christian event near Phoenix over the weekend hosted by theBridgeBuilders International Leadership Network.

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Wallnau believes the race for the…

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