Viganò reveals details – including names – about homosexual lobby in the Vatican

Thank you, Archbishop Vigano, for this information. Although it is tragic and sorrowful to the soul, it gives us a certain understanding which will make us pray even more. God bless you and we pray for your protection.

Catholicism Pure & Simple

The enemy has succeeded in penetrating the interior of both the State and the Church, in order to rise to the very top, building a network of complicity and connivance that binds all of its members by means of blackmail, having chosen them precisely because of their corruptibility.

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By Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

November 3, 2020, LifeSiteNews:

In my recent essay for theCatholic IdentityConferencein Pittsburgh, I spoke of the eclipse that is obscuring the Church of Christ, superimposing over it an anti-church of heretics, corrupt men, and fornicators. Catholics know that the Church must retrace the footsteps of her Head, Jesus Christ, along the way of His Passion and Cross, and that the end times will be marked by a great apostasy that will strike the ecclesial Body even up to its highest levels. Thus, just as on Golgotha the Sanhedrin thought that it had defeated Our…

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