Beautiful Radiant Face of Bernadette Soubirous as She Conversed with The Virgin Mary

Our Lady conversed with St. Bernadette. She said many things which will be forthcoming here. One can tell by the radiant face of the child that she is looking at an unearthly heavenly being.


From the 1903 Book ‘The Blessed Virgin in the Nineteenth Century’ by Bernard St. John          Scholar Selection                                                                                                                                                 

This article concentrates strictly on the supernatural appearance of Bernadette Soubirous when she saw the Blessed Virgin and spoke with Her.   It is indeed very moving.   This aspect seems to be missing in other books.

Bernadette’s mother had forbidden her to go to the Massabiele, but the longing within the girl became so intense that her mother…

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One thought on “Beautiful Radiant Face of Bernadette Soubirous as She Conversed with The Virgin Mary

  1. Sister in Christ Jesus Mary Anne, this is a beautiful accounting of the Our Lady of Lourdes history and the specific explanation of Bernadette’s visions. I did see the older classic film made many years ago “The Song of Bernadette” that my mother had seen as girl and she told me and my siblings all about it. So, we eventually had to see it and did which was a beautifully done film and I remember being very moved by the story and the films great degree of realism with fine performances and scenery. What a special blessing for anyone who witnesses an apparition from God in such a way which is a seeing through the veil that separates us from God’s spiritual plane of absolute perfection and Holiness. My own half sleeping or being in a semi wake state, of seeing the blessed mother was absolutely calming, peaceful and full of love which I could feel and sense as I felt so drawn to her that my mind and heart yearned to be with her and I was asking her to let me come with her where she is, but immediately I was hearing in my heart and mind her saying I can’t now and I must stay here so then I wasn’t sad or disappointed; it was like a loving parent that you trusted as a child totally saying to you don’t worry everything is fine, and I know when my parents would talk to me that way as a boy I would feel great confidence and trust in them and what they say. So seeing and feeling Mother Mary’s presence was like that but much more awe inspiring and powerful, deep into my soul. Thank you for sharing this accounting on this especially very fitting of times “All Saints Day” which fits so well with what I was saying the other day on the Catholics Pure blog about Halloween and how my greater understanding and appreciation of the holiday would now manifest for me in my focusing on my own dearly departed along with the saints and martyrs that I’m learning to identify more with now, after having been targeted by nefarious persons and suffering trials because of their actions against me. I just said in an email to a Catholic woman who didn’t like my being so candid and saying my mind and heart, that people tend to play games and especially now with the open cyber highway of the internet where people interact profusely, as I myself often do now at times, but, there is no genuine human connection at all and some people do take license or liberties playing other people or manipulate and even lie, giving so much lip service, which I’m sick of and I’m so opposite of that to a fault so now where even though I believe like mom always said, “honesty is the best policy” but sadly realize in today’s vicious deceptive world and people being like they are; that is not true anymore and people are many times vicious, so why be open to a fault with them. But, I do it anyway and try to meter that out carefully and hopefully it will be at the right time with the right person. Again I would of course always prefer to follow the Holy Spirit and do God’s will over anything else. Amen.
    God bless you and yours on this wonderful “All Saints Day.”
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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