Sacred Heart Scapular Given to the Church at Pellevoisin, France 1876

Our Lady comes again and gives us a scapular. Her only message was that she loved to see “my livery on my children” She only asked that we wear this scapular and promises many graces. Estell saw graces pouring from her hands like rain.


France was coming to herself after the war of 1870, followed by the Commune,which was when the Monarchy was restored.  The Revolution had damped the faith, but there was a spirit of hope now. With the beheading of King Louis XVI and Queen Antoinette Marie, the kingdom … no more a kingdom … was rife with wars and discontent.  The badge of the Sacred Heart, given to Saint Marguerite Marie Alocoque, had been worn by many in the court, including the King and Queen who promoted it, although France as a nation was never consecrated to the Sacred Heart.

  Now, Napoleon III, self proclaimed emperor,  was toppled, and,  Louis XVIII, the brother of the executed King who had been in exile, was crowned King.  The Monarchy would be short.

Pellevoisin, a small burgh in the department of the Indre, looks down from a gentle hill up a magnificent sweep…

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