China Buys the Silence of Pope Francis About Catholic Persecution and Destruction of Churches, Persecution of Uighurs and Other Muslims

Fugitive tycoon Guo Wengui claimed in a podcast that the Communist Party had been paying the Holy See generously since 2014 because Beijing wanted the Vatican to shut up about China’s religion policies.

U.S. based Guo, 52, said in the interview that the Communist country had been sent large sums to muzzle other countries … including Italy and Australia … from voicing concerns.

Steve Bannon (pictured) strategist, spoke to the Chinese fugitive Guo Wengui in an interview on Bannon’s self-launched radio show ‘The War Room’ on June 20.
The news comes as China faces widespread criticism over its policy against Muslims. UN experts and activists have claimed that at least one million ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims are held in the detention centres in Xinjiang in western China. Pictured, a Muslim Uighur woman walks with her son past security forces in the town of Kashgar, Xinjiang, in April 2008.

The billionaire’s comment comes after China faced widespread criticism over its crackdown on the country’s religious groups, particularly the ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims.

Cardinal Zen, Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong, has called the 2018 agreement between Pope Francis and Xi Jinping, Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party, “Terrible” and adds that China is sending “Catholics back to the catacombs”

“Catholic Auxiliary Bishop Vincenzo Guo Xijin, Quanzhou China, Fujian Province had been downgraded to a homeless migrant and was being kicked to the curb outside his rectory after Communist authorities cut off all water and power to the rectory, during their shut down of other curia and parishes. The words of the agreement between Xi Jinping and Pope Francis, regarding Chinese Bishops, has not been shared with Cardinal Zen. The Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association is a national church and its central authority lies with the Communist party … not with the Holy See of Rome. Crosses are being torn off the Catholic Churches which are not destroyed completely and the religious paintings within are replaced with pictures of Xi Jinping.” “from:

Pope Francis has not commented, nor complained, about the devastation to Catholic property, clergy and laity by Chinese Communist soldiers.

“Mr. Guo, the Chinese dissident on Mr. Bannons’ radio show, also claimed that the Chinese government was paying the Holy See with $100 million (Euro 80 million) before 2014, without specifying when those payments initially started..

CCP (Chinese Communist Party) “want Vatican to shut up and follow the CCP about the religion policies” said Guo, on the radio show. That is disaster”

“CCP knows … if the Vatican tells the truth about Chinese Christians and Catholics, CCP is die,” said Guo

“CCP is so worried, so they give two billion dollars to the Vatican, 1.5 billion dollars to Australia, 100 million dollars to Italy,” he added.

The Chinese dissident also claimed that the Chinese government was paying the Holy See with $100 million (euro 80 million) before 2014 without specifying when those payments initially started. Pictured, Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks during a news conference in 2019. picture Bloomberg via Getty Images
Activists have claimed that the number of Muslim detainees in China could greatly exceed the commonly cited figure. A perimeter fence is constructed around what is officially known as a vocational skills education centre in Dabancheng in Xinjiang in China’s far west region.

“The Chinese tycoon was speaking with Steve Bannon, former Trump strategist, on Bannon’s self launched radio show

Bannon, who was also the former executive chairman of the right-leaning Breitbart News, set up the radio show in October from the basement of his Capitol Hill row home, long branded the ‘Breitbart Embassy.’

He also brought in two co-hosts: former Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam and Jason Miller, the Trump 2016 campaign’s spokesman.

The show is said to be broadcast on six conservative talk radio stations in Florida and Virginia, as well as streamed online as podcast.

Guo, a former member of China’s Communist Party, fled to the US after learning he was wanted for bribery, fraud, money laundering, as well as rape.

A prominent real estate developer with a net worth of more than two billion dollars, Guo was accused of engaging in shady business deals in a 2015 report by Beijing based media outlet Caixin, which he has denied.”