The Left is working for a Coup d’etat in the USA

A very short read which highlights the fact that a revolution is about to explode in America the Beautiful. May God shed His grace on us now! Russia, the seed bed of Communism must be converted to God … He asked it through Our Lady of Fatima. The Pope must do it. Six have snubbed their noses at Our Lady. God has blessed America with Donald Trump, a Godly man and they are actually talking about assassination!! Everybody please pray to Our Lady for Donald Trump and the First Lady’s safety.

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by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Left has always been inspired by the thought of murdering their opponents. From the revolts in the Commune of Paris in the mid 19th century — whence comes the name, Communists — to the murder of 60 millions souls by the Marxists of Russia, China, Cambodia etc., in the 20th century.

Now in the U.S.A it has become clear that the riots have nothing to do with George Floyd, but everything to do about Marxist revolution. The Left sees black people and leftist dupes as able and controllable puppents to incite race warfare. The burning, destruction and murder of whites who stand against them. They want Trump gone, but not because they hate Trump, because they want a Soviet Union of the United States.

This goes hand in hand with the long term Masonic agenda, which has always supported Marxism.

Will the mayhem burn itself…

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