One Interrogation of Teresita Castillo, the Seer of Lipa

This is an update to this story of Teresita. Since publishing this I have received new information. Her interrogation by Father Angelo de Blas, who was her Priest Psychiatrist, and who obviously, I believe after reading his journal, did not intend to hit her with the ash tray, but was looking for a reaction.  He probably aimed to miss. Here is his statement as written in his newly discovered journal at the St. Tomas Hospital in Manila:  “Teresita’s trances are quite similar to those experienced by certain hysterical people but they do not differ much from what some Saints have experienced.  As can be seen in Dr. Pardo’s report, Teresita does not show a hysterical personality of any known type and in all manifestations proves to possess a normal personality.  I intervened together with Dr. Pardo in the examination that he carried out to determine the normality of Teresita and I am of the same opinion as that of the mentioned doctor.” Fr. Angel de Blas’ Journal on the 1948 Lipa Phenomenon


“Then he go mad with me … Mayroong diyan … there was an ashtray there and he took hold of it …..”

Photo:  A rose petal.  On it the Blessed Virgin holding Jesus is seen. One can even see little angels on the edges.  These floated down from the sky in a wafting slow manner… even when the wind was blowing hard.  Thousands scrambled to obtain one.

This article is a sample of the aggressive stance the Vatican II and others before them have taken against this apparition, and, particularly against giving Mary the title of ‘Mary Mediatrix of All Grace’ which is what she called herself at Lipa.  Just like she said at Lourdes:  “I am the Immaculate Conception”    She said at Lipa: “I am Mary Mediatrix of All Grace”


The postulant Teresita was picked up in a car by Monsignor Santos and, chaperoned by Sister…

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4 thoughts on “One Interrogation of Teresita Castillo, the Seer of Lipa

  1. Ave Maria! That sounds super scary. I’d love to become a “great saint”, but then I think of what Padre Pio has to endure and trials like these they have to endure from the clergy, who I know do have the best interests of the Church in mind (…I would like to think that they do mostly). But I have to say, when I read things like this, I realize that I am content to be made an unknown, invisible saint… the question is, how to shine with the crown of glory without such suffering? 🤔

    Fiat mihi! 🙏🙏🙏💕


    1. A good question. I think there will always be a suffering of sorts … you are going through the most horrible crisis in the history of the Church … You are carrying a Cross with the worry and anxiety connected with that. So you are suffering. I’m sure you are offering it to Mary too. Along with all the beautiful pictures and stories of her which have been seen on your site. She said that much grace will be given to those who make her known. The clergy who do not have the best interests of the church at heart are part of our suffering too. God help us!

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      1. Ave Maria! That was very well said. Those of us who are persevering to live faithfully according to the teachings of the Church have much to suffer these days. I just found out yesterday that all the Bishops across my Province (Alberta, Canada) have banned indefinitely, all faithful from receiving communion on the tongue; I’m devastated. I guess this is my opportunity to make reparation to Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament… thank you for your encouragement.

        Pax et Bonum 🙏💕


  2. It is also banned in Boston MA USA Archdiocese but the word ‘indefinitely’ is absent. I have an intuition that this will be ‘forever’ though as the new Church prefers to receive GOD Himself in their hands. Once (as a church organist) while we were practicing for First Holy Communion, I heard the liturgist say to Father: “Some of the parents want their children to receive on their tongues.” Father replied: “I don’t care what their parents say … they’re all receiving in their hand.”


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