Cardinal Muller Warns Us Against “Global Players”

Rome, May 22, 2020, (Life Site News) German Cardinal Gerhard Muller

German Cardinal Gerhard Muller has warned against “global players” who are against the Catholic Church because the Catholic Church is pro-life-, pro-family-, and for religious freedom.”

Talking to EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo on Thursday, the former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith said certain powers “want to instrumentalize this situation of the corona virus pandemic to suppress the Catholic Church.”

“The security for your life is not the only value,” he said. We have also spiritual values. We cannot isolate totally all the population. We have other illnesses and other dangers in our life, and we cannot absolutely remain in our home.”

“The state as such cannot say ‘We forbidd worshiping,” he said. “We have the fundamental religious rights, human rights, and the state must respect theserights of everybody.

The former bishop of Regensburg in Germany pointed out the contradiction between, on the one hand, saying that churches need to be closed but, on the other hand, grocery stores being allowed to remain open for business.

He asked: “Why is the danger in the church bigger than in the supermarket?”

Beyond prohibiting public Masses, “nobody has the right to forbid the priests, the shepherds, to visit the people who are dying or very ill.” As Muller explained, faithful Catholics have to right to “pastoral care in these cases”