The Beautiful Hands of a Priest

Thank you to all Priests and Seminarians for the awesome gift of your vocation

Catholicism Pure & Simple

“Without the priest, the death and passon of our Lord would be no use; the priest has the keys of the heavenly treasures… What is the priest? A man who holds the place of God, a man clothed with all the powers of God.”

~St John Vianney

Dedicated to all priests on this day, Thursday of Holy Week, of the institution of the holy Priesthood by Our Saviour Jesus Christ on the eve of His passion and death. The hands of the priest actually become the Hands of Jesus!

“The Beautiful Hands of a Priest” is a deeply moving poem illustrating their significance in the world (though unknown to the world) and the priceless assistance they render to the faithful, especially of how they have the blessed privilege of administering the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church, thus helping us on our way to gain eternal redemption.

The Beautiful Hands Of…

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