Account of the Lipa Secret When Handed to Father Paul Kramer by Teresita Castillo

Father Paul Kramer, a Catholic priest ordained over 32 years ago, has studied Catholic prophecy for over 40 years, in the Old and New Testaments as well as in the approved apparitions of Our Lady … especially the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima. He has also pursued this research in the many writings of canonized saints and holy persons of the past 2,ooo years. He is the author of numerous books, and, the following account details his meeting with the seer of Lipa Teresita Castillo, as it is written in his book, ‘The Mystery of Iniquity’:

“The Chinese will never consent to any other power ruling the world than itself. Confucius wrote, ‘ “Just as there are not two suns in the sky, so there can be only one emperor on earth.'”

The Chinese plan for ruling and conquering the world is well documented, and is reflected in the geopolitical developments that have taken place since the Communist revolution in 1949. It is briefly elaborated by Steven Mosher in his book, Hegemon: China’s Plan to dominate Asia and the world.

In a group discussion at the home of a prominent political figure in Manila last year, I learned of other even more documented, indepth works that expound on this topic.

The Chinese ambition to dominate and rule the world was foretold in the Secret given at Lipa, Philippines by Our Lady, who appeared under the title Mediatrix of All Grace on October 17, 1949.

In the Secret of Lipa, a copy of which was handed to me by the seer in the presence of witnesses in July 2008, Our Lady declares that it is the intention of China to conquer the whole world.

In a previous meeting with the seer, in the presence of several witnesses, on April 10, 2006, I presented a 90 minute overview on the Secret of Fatima in the light of other approved Marian apparitions and the prophecies of the saints, and stated that it was my opinion that if the conversion of Russia does not take place in time … Russia will wage war on the West, but that eventually China will invade Russia and Western Europe, following the same invasion route as the Mongols centuries ago.

Miss Castillo’s reply was, without any doubt or hesitation, “Yes Father, that is exactly what they will do. Our Lady told me that China is worse than Russia … that China is more dangerous than Russia.

This eventuality also appears to be prophetically alluded to in Scripture (Apocalypse 20:7 and Ezekiel 38:39

Mary Mediatrix of All Grace Pray for our world.

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