Sadness and Confusion caused by Unprecedented Power!

Have you had an intuition lately that we are being ‘had’? The panic of imminent death, for ex., has lit up the pages of every print edition we pick up! Is it really true? This article puts a spotlight on that ‘intuition’ which I have had, for one person … and a few others with whom I have spoken.



Words can’t describe what we are experiencing!

We feel robbed, betrayed, and attacked. Our whole world has been turned upside down. And all because of a virus? We feel sad like Mary Magdalen when she was looking for Our Lord. But this time, He has indeed been taken from us. You see it is He who is thethreat to them.

It started with a virus . We have had epidemics before that have killed far more than now. Who could have foreseen that they would take away our freedom of association, our freedom of Religion, our democratic freedom of trading, of working...? Our government leaders have over- reacted. Are they in on it all? Why did our govt. pass a bill last year in September (before the virus) that mandated compulsory vaccination in the case of an epidemic? Why weren’t we told about it?

Practically all…

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7 thoughts on “Sadness and Confusion caused by Unprecedented Power!

  1. He says in Madrid the hospitals are full. There aren’t enough respirators. People are dying. He is not long (1-2 years) retired and has been put on notice that he will be forced back into the hospital to serve there, should he be needed. He worries about many family members, including his wife who are all doctors and put on Coronavirus wards to serve the sick. So something is actually going on.


    1. I believe you. I am losing some trust in view of all the betrayal we have endured from the man in white who governs our church. I will pray for the people who are sick. Prince Charles has it now.


      1. I saw that this morning. I am going to go with the following understandings. This disease is probably engineered. It is spreading and people are dying. A lot of hype and draconian measures are being taken by governments to control us. It will deliberately ruin the economy. They want us to accept every help they offer. This will eventually include a (deadly) vaccination and the mark of the beast and a 1 world currency- in no particular order. I couldn’t even tell you the timing. But we are being prepared. 3rd world war may also break out by many countries participating in smaller wars simultaneously.


      2. I agree with all. One more thing. The consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will be done by the Pope. We have to think about that because Our Lady said “it WILL be done but it will be late” Then, when it is done there will be a period of peace lasting 1000 years. We seem to have a false prophet in Rome but where is the ac? He is supposed to come (ac) AFTER the 1000 years. I am sure. So, 1000 years is a long time for Francis to live and, if he is the false prophet, he has to be in the same time frame as the ac. Can we figure this out? I will read some more tonight and try to get some of the things together. We pray for the grace to figure this out. We are poor and confused, dear Mother Mary. We are your little children. Please help us by strengthening the gift of Knowledge, which we received at our Confirmation. And all the other six gifts. And the 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit, also. MDM said he is the false prophet. He could be the “last pope who is under the influence of the devil.” He could be either. A holy priest told me that his order believes that despite what everyone is saying, Francis was legally elected Pope. I’m just telling you everything and that is the best way for us to be able to figure. Your Sister in Christ, Mary


    2. It is all so sad. I will pray today for the medical personnel and the patients. Please pray for my daughter and two grandchildren who are all RNs taking care of Covid 19 patients. I know it is something actual. Why? I read to day where it might have begun in Lombardy, Italy in October or November 2019. This would be just after the idol pachamama was worshipped in the Vatican garden and processed into St. Peters.

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