Martyrs of Socialism: Captain Witold Pilocki

Heroes of World War II:  Witold Pilocki, a volunteer for Auschwitz.  He volunteered to be rounded up and arrested to gather intelligence inside Auschwitzwitold-pilecki-russia-1 2

One of the greatest heroes of WW II, Witold Pilocki was one of the founders of a secret Polish Army, who volunteered to be rounded up and arrested to gather intelligence inside Auschwitz.witold-pilecki-1_orig

Although Captain Pilecki, a Roman Catholic Pole, excapedAuschwitz death camp, he was eventually captured and arrested on May 8, 1947, by secret police agents of the Soviet social Ministry of Public Security, the MGB.

His show trial took place on March 3, 1948.  He was sentenced to death on May 15 and on May 25, 1948 he was executed by a shot in the back of the head.  Piotr Smietanski … infamous as the butcher of Mokotow Prison … was his executioner.

His burial place was never found.

To read this incredible story by his own hand, read:  WILTOLD PILOCKI’s REPORT which is posted at the following link:


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Soviet Socialists deported an estimated 2,636,000 Poles (mostly Catholics and imprisoned and/or exiled them to the inhospitable wastelands of the Siberian tundra in the winter of 1940.  The Polish deportees were called Sybira.

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