The Corona Virus: Evil Endgame (part1)

There is much food for thought here. The author has put many pieces into the puzzle and they fit. The Black Plague in Marseilles, France ended when Bishop de Belsunce propagated the Sacred Heart Badge and held a Eucharistic procession. This was the badge given to St. Margaret Mary. The Sacred Heart Scapular was given to the church (approved) by Pellevoisin. The badge reads on the reverse ‘Cease! the Heart of Jesus is with me.” The scapular has Mary Merciful Mother on the reverse. Put on the armour of God.



Things you may not know

There  are many awful things happening today. This outbreak of the Corona Virus was sudden and unexpected. It seems to be raging through the population in China. Reminds me of the bushfires we have here in this country.

Is it a “Sign of the Times”?

There are many questions. How did it start? Is it a man-made virus?

Why was there a vaccine patented back in 2015? There are a whole lot of things that need explaining. I have some bits and pieces of info that may explain some questions, but which raise a whole lot of others.

At first I thought would be just like the others– ebola,  the bird flu, swine flu… These were all treated like a dreadful epidemic, but they all petered out.

Then I heard that it was a type of flu. Well, ok we have had bad flus before…

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