The Vatican Caucus

Francis wants World Socialism and Bernie Sanders as American President. He will Never get his dream of world socialism as long as Trump is in office.

Catholicism Pure & Simple

By Elizabeth Yore at The Remnant:

The Vatican Caucus is gearing up to defeat Donald Trump, as they promote their socialist darling, Bernie Sanders.

It’s 2016 all over again…

Francis is gearing up for the 2020 Vatican Caucus.

The campaign is now underway, the Bernie supporters are firmly ensconced, the pope’s political proxies are issuing statements trashing Donald Trump. The papal bully pulpit is now primed for political warfare.

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American Catholics, gird yourself for the continuing onslaught on America’s most pro-life President by none other than the Holy See. This is just the first round of a Vatican full scale assault on the Trump Administration. Move over, Nancy Pelosi. The Bergoglian henchmen are ready to rip on Trump. They will make the 2016 campaign look like a romp in the Vatican Gardens.

Remember the tumultuous 2016 election?

Lest we forget, Socialist Bergoglio rolled out the Vatican red carpet and white…

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